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Thread: tena super stretch

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    I'm thinking about getting the tena super stretch diapers but I have a few questions before I do so I am hoping someone who reads this has used them before.
    1. How babyish do they look?
    2. Are they thick?
    3. Are they noisy?
    4. On some online pics from the manufacturer they looked like the padding started really low, perhaps this is just bbecauseit was on a maniquin?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    I tried a sample of the Tena Super Stretch a while back and it was too big for me. I'm a 31-32" waist and the medium starts at 33" for these. The stretch pieces overlapped my front because it was so large and I couldn't get a snug fit.

    I'm curious about the similar Tena Flex Supers because they have a small that is sized 24-34" and medium that is 28-42". I don't think they are babyish, but if a good fit, will probably be discreet and comfortable. I'll need to test them to see how well they perform with that wider leg cut.

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    I was just looking at this online out of curiosity, but have the same questions about that. Will be watching this thread as in two days, I'm off work and plan to take a drive to another town to buy my first pack of diapers.

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    I tried a sample of the Tens Super Stretch medium and they were way to big on me. I have a 30" waist.

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    I used them for a while this summer and thought they were ok, the best part is you can put them on like a diaper but they stretch so well you can pull them up and down if you want to use the toilet. They are pretty absorbent and I could get through an 8 hour workday wearing one with no leaks they did occasionally get a little clumpy but not so bad that it made them uncomfortable. They are green in color and of course cloth backed and are pretty darn comfy, the only thing I can warn you about is stay away from the stretch ultra, the supers are ok but the ultras suck i mistakenly bought a pack and used 1 the other 35 went straight to the thrift store!

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    1) Not very. In medium, they are medical mint green.
    2) Thick compared to a Depends, thin compared to a Bambino. A practical thickness: not too obvious, but enough absorbency to hold multiple small wettings.
    3) Not noisy. They are cloth backed and quiet.
    4) The padding is adequately high in the front, even for a guy. This may vary depending on sizing. The M/R are the smallest size and nearly too big for me (measured 35" waist).

    The Tena Super Stretch are my current go to for exercising and hold up great for mountain biking (during which plastic tape on diapers get shredded and pull ups tend to shift out of place or sag). Very comfy. A nice compromise between the comfort of a pull up and the better, more snug fit of a tape-on. These diapers use a single Velcro tab on each side which hold really, really well and are refastenable. The stretchy sides are a nice touch and add to the comfort.

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    Thanks for all the responses everyone. Any way I have a 40" waist so I'll prolly go w the mediums but I really REALLY don't like the green color do you think the larges would be too large? Later today I plan on going to the store and getting some. google maps had an in store view and what do ya know lol a perfect view of the diaper selection! Abenas and all!!! Can't wait to go by if I can get there before 6

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    The Tena Stretch Super is my go-to diaper, and my favorite overall. I have bought countless cases. There are more capacious diapers, but they are discreet and quiet, and very comfortable. Just about the only thing I don't like about them is that the wide side belts don't give much protection against leaks out the side. Still, they hold a good amount and can be pulled up and down easily.

    As for sizing, I have a 44" waist and the larges are almost too big for me. Let those belts stretch and the fasteners will overlap. You, clearly, should have the mediums.


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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    I tried a sample of the Tens Super Stretch medium and they were way to big on me. I have a 30" waist.
    I'm in the same boat as you, if you like everything but the fit on the tena stretches, you might find this interesting:

    If you've got a sewing machine it should take like 2 minutes to do up a pack of them. It held up just fine and seems far less cludgy than a lot of things people will do to diapers to get them to fit.

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    OK, so, i made it! I got to the store and picked the TENA Ultra stretech up in M/R and since there was a 20% off sale on diapers i got some abena L4's. Long story short i get home and open the Tenas and WHAM first thing i see is purple.... which is a problem because the Tena SUPER stretch is GREEN... Long story short i go back to the store and return them, usually they don't but they were super nice and since all diapers were accounted for they offered an exchange for the supers. So... now im on my way back and i get down the street and im like... i start thinking about the cloth backed abena M4's and debating to go back.... I eventually turn back, and go back in the store , the lady there seems a bit supprised and im just like Last time i promise! XD i just said "they called me half way back are were like can u get the mediums too so we can try the size" any way, idk if she bought that excuse but you know, who cares lol. anyway... so i get home and try them on and i like them ALOT. Yes they are green but other than that they are amazing, the only thing i dislike is that i wish the frontal padding went up a tad farther, but i usually take a large but sence the sides on the stretch are big i went with the Medium. Next time i think i will try the larges just too see, as of now there is still a few inches between the tabs so i think the larges will be fine. But to answer my original question...
    1: if you can get past the greenishness they look kinda babyish in the fact that they have the stretch tabs, personally i think the tabs are too tall they could be a tad thinner.7/10
    2:They are decently thick like Tygon said,"Thick compared to a Depends, thin compared to a Bambino" basically in my opinion they are the perfect thickness, thing enough so it feels like you are wearing one, thin enough you dont have a bulge.
    3:Not noisy at all.
    4:Nope, just get the proper size and its fine, if you usually take a large and do a medium the padding might end a bit low but no so low i looks stupid... maybe a cm or two

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