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Thread: Having nightmares.

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    Default Having nightmares.

    Last night was just terrible, and I didn't sleep to much. I had a couple of nightmares, and let me say they were very scary and creepy. The first one, started as a normal night, my parents went out to stay over somewhere to just get away for the night. My youngest 2 sisters and my brother went over to our grandmothers house to stay, leaving my other sister, her boyfriend, and me alone. It was about 10:16 pm, and we were just sitting in our living room with the lights dimmed. Then out of nowhere I noticed a hoodie on the computer desk start to move, like it someone was wearing it and they were breathing heavy. Then they noticed it, and we were starting to get scared and freaked out. I asked it if could understand us, and as I asked it moved from the hoodie into a stuffed bear which then shot a straight look to me and nodded yes. I asked a few more questions and then I seemed to be alone. It was just me being held down on my back on a table and then 2 of the bears were walking towards me. I was free to move as if I wasn't being held down, and recorded them with my phone and took pictures because I wasn't believing it and there was little light in the room. I remember screaming and crying, but nobody being able to hear me. I was calling out for my sister and her boyfriend. Then I seemed to fall off the table and wake up on the couch in the morning to somebody knocking on the door. It was my uncle, we let him in and I started to mention the hoodie, and remembered my phone. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked through the pictures, but only found pictures of my self crying, and sucking a pacifier. I kept looking through them and found more pictures of myself, only I was wearing a pink shirt, then a pink dress, in a big crib in big diapers, crying and sucking the same pacifier. I didn't want to show them as started deleted them, but then I woke up and was crying and shaking because of how crazy, scary, and real the nightmare was. I was so freaked out, and I still am. I don't know if it means anything, but it was freaking horrifying. Sorry this is long, I just wanted you to know the whole nightmare. I had a few more after that, and woke up crying and shaking again before finally sleeping peacefully.

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    i'm so sorry, too had a nightmare last night that resulted in me waking up in a cold sweat and screaming my head off, first time in 10 years this happened. in the dream, i was sitting on my back porch drinking a margarita (odd since i don't drink alcohol), when all of the sudden this red truck (looked like a kaiser military truck) abruptly stopped in front of my house. this crazy redneck looking dude wearing a dirty white tank top, dirty sweats, and a pair of leather boots steps out of the truck, hops the fence, and holds me at gunpoint. he tells me to follow him or he will kill me, so i do, he leads me to a car across the street (a black1957 chevy bel air, i think), pops the trunk and stuffs me in there. after he closes the trunk, he drives out to the middle of the wilderness and pushes the car off a cliff into the water. but before he does that, he opens the trunk and i see two other people staring at me. one was african american, the other was an older buisnessman. he closes the trunk and preeceeds to push the car off the cliff, and the i wake up. i'm sorry for what happened to you, it must have been really scary huh?

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    Yes it was scary, but probably not as scary as that. I am sorry.

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    thank you for your conduloances, i still am trying to figure out what could have triggered it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BronyPony14 View Post
    There are some techniques to stopping nightmares that you have. Sometimes waking up disrupts the process and you immediately get placed back into your situation where you originated from...other times you won't but if you don't sleep then your going to condone to insomnia which it isn't good. What you can do is find an exit into your dream like trying to find an exit for the mind to kick you out and know the nightmare is the end of your chapter. You may last a little bit longer in the process but at least it'll end and the horrible nightmare you have experienced will be gone and you can go back to your original satisfaction. Quick short=End your dream, find an open door, escape if it happen's again.

    I'm sure it means nothing but as I addressed if it's an occurring issue then go seeing a doctor is recommended. But We all have anxiety attacks and panic attacks when we suffer a nightmare it doesn't mean nothing half of the time. Some people believe it's a chain of events to occur to that but unless you believe in super-stitions, then I think your going to be ok. Nightmares are very scary and can be frightning, harsh, and we all think to ourselves if it definitely means something. I'm sure it's nothing because what happen's in a dream will happen in the real world about 5% of the time. Some dreams do come true but I find your's silly so I believe that you are going to be ok.

    You have been having all sorts of problems last week and this week and you may wanna see a therapist so he can fully understand your situation and help you out the best he could. I'm sure he will guide you into the right path and make sure you follow the success line rather than following the wrong path.

    Oh! I also wanna say this if you do ever get the chance if problems like this occur whether they are good or bad it's best to keep a dream journal. There used to be a book called 10,000 dreams and they all have a different meaning to each one depending on the criteria you use or have. You can easily set one up here ( If you want to fully explore your dreams then jot some notes right here. This website has a public and private option to keep your dreams available to share or personally lock for your own use.
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    Thank you
    It has been a long time since I had a nightmare, and this is the first time I have woke up crying and shaking.

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    I think Snivy has a lot of good information. I remember my freshman year in college, I had a book on dream interpretation. The thing is, these things are always subjective and I think what may be a subconscious influence for one person, may be completely different for someone else who had a similar dream.

    I've woken my wife up several times recently, trying to yell for help in my sleep. I have all sorts of bad dreams. Sometimes I'm in a house that just seems to get increasingly threatening, some haunted spirit becoming more present. Sometimes I'm being chased or pursued by a murderer. Last night I dreamed I was looking for my wife who was walking somewhere on the beach. She has a surgically partially amputated foot, so she's not allowed to walk on it. In addition, I was driving our new Honda Pilot, and I side swiped a truck, really frustrating me.

    The origin of the dream is obvious. I'm terribly frustrated as to how slowly my wife's foot is healing. If it doesn't heal, they will amputate below the knee, so the why of the dream is apparent.

    You've been under a lot of stress, BronyPony, so I'm sure your nightmare may at least in part, be a way your brain is trying to cope to the stress. Sometimes the subconscious vomits for the sake of the conscious.

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    Another thing about nightmares is that they can actually be healthy for you, as long as they're not occurring so often that they're disrupting your sleep and exhausting you. They present an opportunity for your brain to go over all the different fears and worries that you have, consciously or subconsciously, and going through that nightmare can help you experience and cope with those emotions. This is especially true if you work on techniques for calming yourself after the nightmare occurs. If you do wake up terrified, you don't need to try and relax (which is nearly impossible with your heart racing), but you can practice being calm in the midst of your fear and gain control over yourself. A simple technique is to count your breathing. Slowly count to 4 as you inhale, hold and count to 4, and then slowly count to 4 as you exhale, then keep repeating it for a few minutes as your heartrate returns to normal. You can concentrate on the numbers and your breathing and keep command of yourself even though your heart is racing and you're sweating at the same time. The human mind is really cool like that.

    If this plagues you a few times, or if you're having other vivid dreams as well, I'd also suggest keeping a dream journal. Any old notebook or even a computer document will do. What you do is every time that you wake up from a dream, no matter what it was, you write it down and then go back over it. This lets you remember and think through the dream, even after your mind starts to forget, and could aid with going over the nightmare scenario in the way that Snivy suggested as well.

    Most of the time, nightmares mean nothing and they're a safe way of working out stress and confusion along with the mind's flair for the creative. If you start to find that your nightmares are taking a physical toll on you, that's when you see a doctor about it.

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    Alright, Advice dually noted. Thank you all for the help and support. I have actually started a journal for dreams thanks to this one. Thanks a bunch.

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    I've been having a nightmare problem lately, too. I have been going through a streak of having them every night lately (technically, every morning - they are usually the last thing I dream before I wake up.) It started for me when I was under a lot of stress with college courses starting back up and being a little uncertain as to my future because a lot is up in the air right now and out of my control.

    But I think in your case, due to your experiences lately with your family, you are under a lot of stress so these nightmares are not surprising. It's annoying, and can be quite scary, but I usually recover very fast after I wake up. Hopefully you will as well.

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