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Thread: Will I be able to do a Masters Degree?

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    Default Will I be able to do a Masters Degree?

    This is a question to the English/British folks out there. I've just completed my Bachelors Degree in politics and have got an Upper Second Class/2.1. However, where I did it is not ranked particularly high on the league tables. So I was wondering if I would be able to do a masters somewhere better. All the places I'm keen on; SOAS, Edinburgh, UCL, Birmingham, Southampton, Bristol, would accept a 2.1. But I'm worried because of my uni's place in the league table I will be rejected. This is probably nonsense, but if someone could offer a suggestion that would be most helpful. thanks!

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    Look into online colleges.

    There are some very reputable once out there.

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    Surely your current school where you've done your bachelors has career counseling or advising services. This is the perfect question for them. Make an appointment as soon as you can and ask them what steps you need to take to get into a masters program. Then follow them to the letter.

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    The worst you can do is apply and get turned down. I'd get in contact with the various universities and hopefully at least one will be prepared to accept you.

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    You could also, if you are the adventerous type of person, do a master degree in one of the neighbouring country's.

    Being from the UK, who is member of the program, you can get the Erasmus scholarship from Brussels. And many master degrees can be done in English. On top of that, a school can not refuse you here if you have the right papers unless with some limited space education (mostly medical).

    That's quite an adventure, and looks good on your curriculum.

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