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Thread: My Plastic Pants Stink!

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    Default My Plastic Pants Stink!

    Hi All,
    Say, my Gary vinyl pants stink a bit. I always wash them after wearing with Castille soap, but they have a lingering odor of urine. Any fixes for this?

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    I have the Gary wick proof pants. The thread and gathered places can absorb smells. I use alcohol free mouthwash to soak mine in. I use one cap for enough water to cover them. Mine do not smell bad at all before I put them on, but it does smell when I take it off. I think they hold all the smell in better than disposables and when I take them off the smell is pretty strong.

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    I wash my garys in the washing machine hot water with other soiled clothes and let soak before rinse

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    I use dish washing detergent and wash mine by hand. It seems to work well.

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    Tried using Vinegar ?
    It usually does a good job of masking smells.
    But some types of plastic when embedded with the odor of urine are resistant !
    When washing if the hot is not hot enough the cover up job is not going to work -
    but then using too much heat is not good for the plastic.
    Do not use a dryer as this will set the odor (and stains) making further removal very difficult !

    Washing and hanging to dry out in the SUN may help !

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    I always hand wash in the sink, using liquid laundry soap: first I rinse my pants with warm water, then using a small amount of the soap poured on my hands I lightly rub over my pants inside and out. and then rinse. I have found rubbing a small amount of soap on the pants works better than adding the soap to the water to wash them. so far I found I like Arm & Hammer brand. I'm sure there are brands just as good. Also another factor maybe, you have hard water.

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    I was cleaning mine in the shower with dial soap, but it wasn't doing the job, so we took to putting them in the warm wash with other clothes and All Free&Clear. Seems to come out smelling nice. I use the 7 mil thickness, so they last reasonably with this.

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    along with what's been mentioned, you may also want to look at what ointments you may be using as petroleum based ointments will soften (chemically melt, really) plastic pants, allowing any dirt, dyes or urine to penetrate into the plastic.

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    Plastic pants naturally absorb and hold smells. You can minimize this by using harsh cleansers, machine washing, using bleach, using shit-tons of bleach, adding borax, or any/all of the above, but you will drastically shorten the life of the plastic pants.

    Or just accept the smell, maybe even learn to appreciate it.

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    So, what washing machine setting should I use to clean plastic pants? Are liquitabs the way to go?

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