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    This is probably just going to be a rambling post, but what else is new? Just a little pre-race nerves, folks.

    The Canada Army Run starts in just under two hours. It's a half marathon event. I've been training for it for several months and I'm feeling pretty good today so I expect a good race. They're calling for rain, but I don't see any sign of it so far. I hope it holds off until after the race because I really despise rainy days. I ran competitively more than thirty years ago, so my best finish times are far behind me, but it still feels good just going out and running races, since I'm still healthy and injury free after all these years. I guess it's just an appreciation of the simple things in life.

    This is actually the first time I registered for this event. Some people on this site would be aware that my politics are somewhat left of centre. The Canada Army Run is a fund raiser for the military, with proceeds going to veterans and families of soldiers killed in the line of duty. I've just never been a supporter of the military so I always stayed away from this event. However, I really wanted to run a half marathon in the fall and this one seemed to be the most convenient. At least, it's not like having a bake sale to raise money to buy more tanks (that's what I keep telling myself). My friends are laughing at me, telling me that being a runner is more important than my political views, and saying that I just proved that we all get more conservative as we get older. I adamantly refused to run this event because of the cause it supported, yet here I am, all psyched up and raring to go? What happened?

    Starting to look cloudier, oh please don't rain. Regardless, I'm heading out to the starting line. Wish me luck.
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    Hope it don't rain on your race and good luck.

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    Good luck! (Though you're probably running as I write this lol). Hope the rain holds off!

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    Good lucky buddy! If you need a pokemon out there for support I will cheer you on somehow!

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    It doesn't sound like it's supporting the military per se, Starrunner. I think you might consider it to be supporting those who have given much for Canadian freedom and democracy. One need not favor the government's policies to support those brave folks and their families. I think we all understand the potential danger that terrorists pose, particularly those who murder innocents, including their own people, in brutal, abominable fashion. Those who fail to condemn atrocities give tacit support to them. Those who support the brutalized and their families who have given so much are greatly blessed.

    Run hard, know you run for a good cause, and run safely. My best to you!

    Disabled US Army vet

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    Since you anyway want to participate in a marathon, it doesn't matter too much, so the reason for this marathon, i.e. where the fundings go, is acceptable I think.

    I don't remember exactly, but hasn't it been a sign of luck in a certain race association if it started to rain? Although this may not go for marathons. But anyway, I hope you did well.

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    Sounds like the race is either in progress or already done by now, but here's hoping it went well, starrunner.

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    Thanks for the responses, everyone. Pretty rude of me to post a thread so early in the morning, asking people to wish me luck, and then leaving before anyone can reply!

    The Canada Army Run went well this morning. The rain held off for the first hour and it was a little warm so we didn’t mind it when it started.

    I came in at 1 hour and 53 minutes which felt mediocre to me, but when I put it in context of overall results of all the participants, I felt better.

    I placed 2,285 out of 12,147

    In the men's category, I was 1,728 out of 6,135

    In my age category I was 69 out of 355

    I was training in very cool temperatures for the past couple of weeks but the temperatures got pretty warm and humid on the weekend. It was 1 degree Celsius on Friday morning compared to 18 degrees this morning, so the jump in temperature made a bit of a difference. Overall, it was a good race and it was a lot of fun.

    At this stage in my life, the times aren’t as important as they used to be. I’m just very grateful that I can still go out and do these insane races while feeling healthy and free of injury. I’ve already registered for the National Capital Race Weekend in the spring.

    Some fun signs I saw on the route:

    WTF - (Where's The Finish?)
    They call it a half marathon because you're half crazy to do it
    Your pace or mine?
    Go Random Stranger Go
    Run like you gotta poop (hmmm)

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