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Thread: Silly "I bought a onsie" video I stumbled on

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    Default Silly "I bought a onsie" video I stumbled on

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    I know what you look like!!! Nah Just kidding I think your the frog suit chick maybe?

    Very catchy song thou.

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    Lol, I wish I was in that video. If I was, I'd be a lion or a tiger, or I'd be in my leopard print onsie.

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    I have to say that video was pretty awesome. It was pretty cute :3, I liked it.

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    When I was watching that video, all that was going through my mind was "Wow."
    I have no idea what to say to that, but the onesies were cute.

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    I want the unicorn one....sooooo bad. Gimme!

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    I find that video cute actually. In fact I think I will go regress tonight just because I feel more little after watching that.

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    That was funny.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azie View Post
    I want the unicorn one....sooooo bad. Gimme!
    I agree. I want it too.

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