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Thread: What's your go-to diapers

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    Default What's your go-to diapers

    So, I've been wearing the Walgreens brand for about 3 years now along with goodnites on and off. I've been thinking of converting to another brand but I'm too small to fit into adult diapers. Any suggestions?

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    Try Huggies slip-on size 6 they are quite nice! Or maybe Pampers size 7....those would probably work as well.

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    You mite try looking for some adult XS diapers, they hold alot, and don't feel to bulky. other than that, pullups or I agree with ChazorDragon: Pampers size 7, you may have to amazon that last one. I'm really small 27" waist and the 7's work feel amazing

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    I'm a big fan of Pampers Cruisers and Luvs.

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    I am in the same situation, and sadly the small sized diapers are very rare in my country.
    Like you, I've been wearing goodnites and most recently Pampers size 6, they are very cute, the absorption is good and the tapes are very stretchy.

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    ive tried to wear the adult diapers. they just dont fit. i might try size 6 because i have a small waist

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