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    I need a few tips here ...I've decided to wear full time , in case of leaks or accidents ( which i have had ) and just looking for a few tips . At this point I'm still using the potty...but wearing diapers much like a boy in pottytraining

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    Leaks can be greatly reduced by wearing plastic pants. They will also make you feel a bit more babyish. As far as full time, will it be practical? When you poo in public, if you do, will that be a problem? And lastly, will it reduce the joy if it's all the time?

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    i am just wearing full time...not using full time..i am allowed to pull down my diapers to use the bathroom

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    I started wearing full-time about six years ago due to my urge incontinence getting pretty bad. Prior to this I had gone through many 24/7 periods over the years, so I already had a lot of experience. You have to wear for the worse situation, which in my case is a really messy diaper. Find a diaper you can trust for that situation and one that's comfortable. Also, most people who first start wearing diapers in public think others will know. Believe me I've been wearing diapers around other people for decades and it's just not true (I do wear baggy clothing though). Take several changes of diapers, powder, rash cream, wipes with you in a backpack everywhere you go for any length of time. It's not much of hassle and becomes second nature. I have a smaller hip pack too for more discreet changes. There are lot's of other tricks like wearing a onezie to hide and hold up your diaper, wearing darker clothes in case of leaks and so forth. Your goal should be to get to the point where you just check your situation and change every so often and don't worry about it in between. Good luck.

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    Well just an update here , its been decided that i need to use full time least for pee any tips there and any tips so i can wet slowly and not flood the diaper?

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    ah , i thought it might be like decent of the walgreens briefs...40 for 18.99 seems too good of a deal...currently i use depends max and a pampers 6 stuffer...

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    the walgreens are about the same as the depends, in my experience. I alternate the two, if i feel like i'm in a crinkly mood or a smooth noiseless mood

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan_ View Post
    the walgreens are about the same as the depends, in my experience. I alternate the two, if i feel like i'm in a crinkly mood or a smooth noiseless mood
    That is good to know. I have been happy with the Depend fitted briefs overall, but I have been scared to try the Walgreens brand. Does anyone else find the Walgreens brand to be comparable to Depends?

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    back from my trip to town , ended up getting the depends max and some of the Boost pads ....and yes i was padded for my trip to buy an abena x plus no less ...

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