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Thread: Help saving little sisters right eye.

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    Exclamation Help saving little sisters right eye.

    Even after seeing it I'm still a bit scared. so those a bit squeamish might not want to look at this post.
    My god sister always had a lazy eye but today when I looked at it here pupil was dilated and gray, you could actually see the blood vessels in the back of her eye she can't even see out of it We rushed here to a doctor and my mom kept me out of the conversation completely. I have no idea about the situation and everything. Ive Googled some info but it doesn't tell me me anything. if anybody knows whats going on and could tell me id really appreciate it.

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    I am sorry to say this is too vague to tell you anything.

    The best thing I could say is to confront your mother and keep asking her until you get a response.

    Sorry I can not be of any help.

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    There are so many things that can go wrong with the eye. I wonder if it's a detached retina?

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    You will have to either ask the doctor yourself or harass your mother because she's YOUR sister. If something is wrong with her you have the right to know.
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    Watch your text structure a bit next time please. Although I perfectly understand that you're going trough a rough time now, and probably couldn't care less about this now, so it's okay.

    I... uhm, don't know what to say. I hope that everything will go well for her at the doctors office, and that they may have a plan. I wonder, is she in a hospital or at home again already (again)?

    Since you googled yourself, it could be anything. It could be any kind of Glaucoma, so a disease describing a group of ocular disorders often associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye. Although that would be an extreme side effect, if at all. Most likely I'd guess a pigment disorder, or a sideeffect due to allergies or cholesterol. Or just anything else.

    But anyway, Since you're worried, talk to your mother. That's my only advice. Otherwise we just stumble from disease to disease and still don't know what it might be, besides that you start to worry more and more besides that you will never know exactly, until your mother or sister will tell you. In hindsight you could also ask the doctor, but he may not tell you most likely.

    Stay calm, don't be hysteric or wrought-up. Take the time you need to come down in ordner to ask your mother in an objective manner. Mention to her that you're worrying and not knowing yourself what's going on is much more frightening as actually knowing what is fact.
    It's your sister after all and not a random stranger, so of course you care.

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    I hope your sister will be fine. I was never told about what could happen with a lazy eye. I have one myself and hate it with a heated passion. Now I want to get my eyes checked out for safety. Like I said earlier I hope your sister will be okay

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    Well I did and said a few things Im not proud of but I finally got what i wanted to know.
    She has a cancer tumor constricting the blood from her eye. were doing test on her tomorrow to see if we can get it removed. I know i should be thrilled but, this isn't as easy to take as i thought it would be.While the iris in her eye has shrunk a little im sacred for her.

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    I wish you and your Family all sorts of luck and hope it won't affect her too badly.
    I myself lost my sight on both eyes around the age of eight (12 years ago now, more or less).
    Even if it might take her sight on that eye (which I really don't hope) she'll still have the other, which is a huge plus from nothing at all. It can be hard still, but as with any other handicap you get used to living with it.
    Again I wish you luck. Glad to hear you at least found out what it was... Knowing something for certain is, usually, waybetter than just guessing.

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