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    Hi people I am a returning member to adisc I got shut from the site about a couple years back because I was 16 now I am 18 and I thought I should get back into the community because I missed it so much and don't worry people I am still wearing diapers and I am wearing one now these tenas are really thick and absorbent I can hold a lot of pee in these I still wish I had a mommy to change me maybe someday I hope

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    Welcome back Drago15! A lot of the young people have come back that was in the same situation.

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    Welcome back Drago15. I like it when our under 18 members return. It's like a homecoming.

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    Hey mate, welcome back! I thought I recognised your username. I also got banned, but only for 6 months as I was almost 18 when it happened anyway. Time flies, we're coming up on 2 years of 18+ this December. I have to say though that the site isn't as good as it used to be IMO, a lot of my good friends left at the ban, and not just those under 18. Quite probably over half the regular posters here joined post-ban.

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    Welcome back, Drago!

    What diapers do you like best? Just curious...

    - Will

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    I love Tena Slip Maxis also...
    They are not sold in stores in The United States,
    We have to get them shipped in from other places
    (like Canada and Mexico), but it's worth it!

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