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Thread: New motor!

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    Default New motor!

    I know a lot of folks here are well into cars... but even if you're not please voice an opinion... cos all I know about cars is makes n models n the bigger the engine the more 'vroom' n power n stuff =] These are all 1.6L anyways.

    So... which one???

    Audi A3 Sportback...

    BMW 116i

    Volvo C30 a.k.a. The 'Edward Cullen' car =]

    I'm specifically looking at hatchbacks before ye ask

    And finally, yes. I'm serious.



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    Well, I'm not into hatchbacks AT ALL. But the more decent one is definitely the audi... The glass in the back of the volvo makes the car look like it's from a different galaxy O_o and the front part of the bmw looks kinda curved downwards, which is weird :p

    Also, why a hatchback? :p

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    _ My DJ equipment.

    can't get it all in a saloon (weird, I know) and estates are just too long

    Plus hatchbacks are cheaper lol

    Gotta say though, I quite like the back of BMW... it's shexshy

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    I like the Bimmer a bit more than the Audi, it looks shorter and more compact and that's something I like in a car. Although the Audi seems to be a bit more "conservative" as far as styling goes, it's very simple and subtle, while the BMW is more sharp and profound. Either way, the Volvo is just plain ugly.

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    Yes the Volvo is the ugliest, but despite it's rear end, it's a cracking car!

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    I'd say the Audi.. has the better looks in my opinon and based on family experiences they are very reliable.

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    I don't really know much about these makes, but 1.6L ? I thought I had a small engine and mine's a 2.2L .

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    I think, out of the three, the BMW is the looker. Isn't the Audi a larger car? It still looks good (particularly at the front) but it doesn't have the lines of the Bimmer. Volvo = meh = restyled Ford= rather have a Focus RS!

    With you being a DJ, I think the cargo capacity of the Audi may win the day, but I like the 116. How much more for the 120d? I have read lots of positives about BMW's diesel offerings.

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    I have driven all 3 of them, all 3 are good. The Audi is a bit small on space and interior very basic, as I am quite tall my head touches the ceiling at the back and boot is OK. The BMW is spacey but small boot, lovely interior and handles very good. The Volvo, well its very ugly at the back and the interior feels a bit cheap but drives well. I have driven the 1.6 petrol on all 3. I think for reliability is the BMW but high repair costs, the Audi is very expensive in repair costs and Volvo the cheapest but I owned a Volvo and didn't find it that reliable.

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