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Thread: Depends real fit.

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    Default Depends real fit.

    I just got a sample of Depends real fit today, and I have to say I was not expecting it to be as good. It feels soft, comfy, and aren't too bad. They don't hold a lot, but they held two of my wettings. I must say it isn't exactly what I would prefer to use, but it will do the job for me in the mean time.

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    They are incredibly soft and comforting. They also however get hot quick and dont hold much.
    bear in mind that they are quite expensive also, although more readily avalible in supermarkets
    local without having to buy online. mabey baby tape over that?

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    I kinda like them, although.... I wish they were tighter, and had leg cuffs, also wish they extended the entire back side instead of cutting off mid butt (it feels a little weird). They hold 2 of my writings and I haven't had them leak while sitting our laying down.

    I feel like they are pretty discreet, and I would where them out and about without the fear of people finding out I'm in a diaper.

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    I would use a better diaper, but because I live at home still I can't risk it. I might just order some, and tell my parents the box is cards I have bought or something. I was thinking of also trying to get a kigurumi, and have some fun on Halloween. I know they aren't the best, but it is all I can get as of now.

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    I bought a ton of these when they fist came out. An extreme couponer gave me a stack of coupons + sale price + employee discount they were basically free. There overall performance is better than expected. They contain lots of SAP so I tore most of them apart and used them as stuffers.

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    The RealFit from Depend is Not a diaper. It's a pullup. It's only good for extremely minor leaks. Nothing more. It's simply underwear, with an absorbent strip. Depend should at the very least, put the actual diaper back on the store shelves. Not that they worked well, but - if someone's in a pinch, they can grab something that will get them thru the drive home! Just sayin'!

    Be Well!
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    I just got my sample a few days ago, I like them for what they are! the fit is nice and soft and they seem like they would be a good thing to wear on days something more protective is likely to show. I wore one out to run errands last night and didn't worry about my shirt riding up like I normally do. I don't think many people would realize what the waistband actually was, but then again it seems like a lot of people are getting the samples just for the heck of it. my wife loves them, but if I'm going to spend that much money I would rather have something that will perform. I may keep a pack around for days I need something more discreet though.

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    I like them, they hold a fairly large wetting. I keep some around because they are so discreet

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    Diaper or not, At least he built up the courage to buy something! I can't even do that. Props to You.

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