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Thread: LG DL Lighting tec and sound op

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    Wink LG DL Lighting tec and sound op

    HEY just want to tell you about me

    Im a lighting tec and love it.

    I wish i was a girl between the age of 3-12 years

    funny you could not pick wen im up lighting towers but when im at the
    the control room every light is set to pink

    I love loud music and Lights closes to how much i love pink clothes and under where as well as diapers

    one ambition is to design the lighting for tomorrowland and tomorroworld

    Have a look at the after movie

    I like to sign off with a Happy comment like

    You can be what you want to be AS YOU ARE the Controller of you world
    Have A fun week From Anna

    Btw what you thin of tommrowland

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    Thanks for reading
    I like to ad a coment at the end of most postes like

    Life is a box of sweets you dont know what you are going to get but you it will be sweet
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    Welcome Anna! A 32 minute introduction is the longest one I've ever seen here! I know you've been making your presence known in the threads already, so all I can say is keep up the good work!

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    I"ll second Zipperless and say welcome and good introduction. It's sounds like you have an interesting job or avocation. I'm a musician and church organist, and where you climb up on lighting cages, I have climbed up on wooden ladders to get to pipes to tune them. It's always fun.

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