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    Default Hi and new here

    Hello and I'm new here but not new to the diaper community. I have been on another well established and well known ABDL site for many years and maybe some of you have seen me there.

    To tell a bit about myself, I was a bedwetter as a kid until I was about 6 years old. Every night it was cloth diapers and gerber plastic pants diapered by my mom in the livingroom. I out grew bedwetting by the age of 6 but not diapers. By that time I was hooked.

    When I was about 12 I swiped my first Pampers from diaper bags of visiting relatives when we had a huge family party at our new house. This was around 1970 and the first Pampers I was able to lay my hands on. They didn't fit, of course, but I used them in my underpants wetting them and it was pure joy. That hooked me for life on disposable diapers.

    I was never treated like a baby, punnished, embaressed or humiliated for bedwetting as a kid or having to wear diapers to bed. Back in the early 1960's it was common to keep a child under 6 in diapers at night if they wet the bed, even if it wasn't widly discussed. Because of that, I have no AB tendancies at all, with the possible exception of maybe wanting a regular T-shirt snap fromt onesie!

    My interests are fishing as I own 2 boats, I used to do some hunting when I was younger and my ankles were better, I have flown remote control planes for over 30 years and I also have a privet pilot's license but it's not current. I like model railroads, paranormal stories and TV shows and I do like the casino's now and then but limit myself to $10. I am a DL, not looking to hook up with others but if there is another DL in the Southwest area of Michigan, I might be up for a soda at a local McDonalds after trading messages for a while. I'm more interested in messaging with other diaper lovers, getting to know a little about their hobbies, interests and how they got into diapers. Those who are actually incontinent are some I like to just chat with to know what caused their incontinence and how they handle it.

    I prefer to message people through the websites and will not give out my e-mail address or phone number, so don't ask. I do not have IM, I don't have Facebook and I do not tweet. I don't mind friend requests but only if we have first traded messages a bit and have gotten to know each other. Friends are just that. Friends! Not members you don't know who are more interested in filling up their profiles with every member they have never even contacted before just so they can appear popular to ther rest of the membership!

    So, feel free to say "Hi" if you like and when I turn from blue to green, some privet messages would be fine if we have some common interests!

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    Welcome rustypins! I like your name. I haven't been anywhere but ADISC so you are new to me. That was a great introduction.

    We're more of a support site here, so no need to worry about members wanting to meet you. And you're right - until you change from blue to green you won't be able to receive any PMs. Hopefully by then you have made some trusted friends.

    We have subgroups here. You mentioned model trains and my friend egor has a group for train enthusiasts. Check it out here: Trains

    Again, welcome and we look forward to hearing more from you!

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    Hello rustypins! Welcome to ADISC. Glad to see another member come in who is closer to my age. I'm retired and like my
    Texas Rangers baseball and NASCAR. I used to do a lot of fishing when I lived in Iowa. Will send you a PM when you turn

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    Welcome, rustypins! Boy auto-correct sure doesn't want to let me leave your name as one word!

    Glad you're here. I grew up in western Michigan, but haven't lived there now for 15 years. I thought from your user name that you were into cloth diapers as I am, but looks like you were converted to disposables. Any favorite kind?

    I also enjoy fishing but only go with my brother occasionally. Didn't get out this year at all, partly because winter seemed to hang on until June.

    Actually, you can receive PM's anytime, you just can't send any or even reply until you get raised a level. But with the rate you're posting that won't take you long. Hope you find what you're looking for here. It is possible to find those few you really do enjoy talking with in this community. So, welcome, and hope,to see you around!

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    You are right that I was raised in cloth diapers and plastic pants. It was when I was about 12 and used my first disposable that I got hooked on disposable diapers, but back then you just didn't see any adult diapers or plastic pants unless you looked in the Sears Catalog! I still do have many many pairs of plastic pants and just a few cloth diapers but I do not live alone so washing cloth diapers doesn't work for me, otherwise I'd probably use them more. I get what I can at the locak thrift stores but I've always liked the old Attends and Tranquility and Abena.

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    Welcome to ADISC,
    I haven't been on here a while... But I wanted to say HEY!

    But the diaper-bug grabbed my complete attention again, and it jut seems the right time to connect with and support other AB/DL's here in this world.
    I was a bedwetter too (I outgrew it maybe a month after I tuned 14).

    It seems that there are plenty of us (former bedwetters) who really started to like diapers for whatever reason(s).



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