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    Red face Undies

    Just wanted a opinion of bonds girls undies. I just think kids undies are so much cuter than woman's undies. They just makes me all happy inside and they are just so soft

    Hears the link

    and one more cute set

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    Well, I see the advantages to both. If you can find the girl's briefs in the larger sizes, and you don't have too big hips (I'm a guy so that's not a problem), then given a little stretch, there's no problem.
    I always had a thing for days-of-the-week panties. I had some larger girls ones before I found some rather juvenile d-o-w panties in the women's section (I think it was JC Pennys).

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    Yes i think the days of the week panties are Cute. the good thing about kid/teen panties is 1 they are elastic so they can become bigger over time 2 They are cute I know silly 3 As teens girls hips are wide so for boy it mean that they are way bigger for guys so it means that mostly soft to where and there's enough room for........ you get what i mean
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    Yeah, my wife gives me a quizzing frequently...

    Are you wearing big boy panties? No.
    Diapers? No.
    Big girl panties? yes.

    We had a blast one weekend as I found on Friday morning a pair of THURSDAY girls panties laid out for me. I knew that when I got home from work I was going to be chided for having the wrong day on and forced back into diapers for the weekend.

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    Big girl panties
    little girl panties
    Diapered for the week end sounds good to me hope you had fun

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    I also have a pair of baby blue training panties that are embroidered "Big Boy Pants" on them. Of course, my wife sniggers when I tell her I'm wearing big boy pants and I've got those on.

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    Kids undies are usually cuter than adult undies anyway. You could probably find some adult boxers with cartoon patterns, but finding adult briefs or adult panties with cartoon pictures is a lot harder, in my opinion.

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    I'm a bigger sissy. I also enjoy being in diapers and plastic panties ( especially ruffled covered satin plastic panties). I really enjoy wearing sissy square dance panties and there is a huge assortment on ebay. I'm such a sissy when I'm wearing ruffles.

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    Have you been to walmart? I can find pretty cute cartoonish or cute panties pretty cheap. Last time i was there i even got lion King and bugs bunny in adult size.

    Also hot topic and spencers have good ones too.

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