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Thread: If you could change age What age would you be ?

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    Default If you could change age What age would you be ?

    Hey im new around

    Just wanted to know what age you want to be if you could change age and gender. I would want to be between 3-12 years. I just love the clothes that are made for 10-12 year old girls. So what age do you want to be ?

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    Ummm Maybe two. Maybe three. don't want to be too much older, or diapers are no longer possible.

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    True but you could fit into goodnites fine but it would be hard to do 24/7 at an older age

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    Not that I have been putting too much thought into this but 6 would be my ideal age, your brain reaches full size, you are pretty much fully mobile and should still be able to fit into size 6 diapers.

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    I'd have to say I wouldn't want my actual age to change, just my physical age. I'd like to keep my mind in tact how it is. But if I could choose any age probably around 7 or 8. . . some 7 or 8 year olds are small enough to fit into diapers still and can wear the cute clothes! I wasn't the biggest kid when I was that age so I'm pretty confident I could fit into the diapers still at that age.

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    You might be able to fit into stuff around six to eight years old, but will you be allowed to wear it? even if that's not a factor to consider, I think I still wouldn't wanna be older than three or four. I'd mostly want to keep my mind as it is, but maybe not 100%. Maybe more like 90 percent the same. Something like that. Just... a smart child for my age, despite not being potty trained. And I'd 100% also like to be a girl as part of this fantasy (though I'd probably still do it if I couldn't be a girl). my childhood really wasn't totally awful, but I feel like I was cheated out of what it could've/should've been.

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    Yes I like the thought of physical age changing but at the same time I would like to have the mind set of that age but some how know so i could enjoy it.
    but thinking about it age 6-8 would be good as you can fit into cute clothing and Diapers as well as having a full brain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna View Post
    Hey im new around
    Welcome! I see you're already active in the threads - that's great! Can you please start another thread HERE and formally introduce yourself? We like to know each other best we can. Thanks and welcome again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna View Post
    2 steps Ahead of you friend

    Keep safe and sound this week
    Actually you never made an introduction. Zipperless always tells the truth and I am the grass snake that seeks knowledge :P I don't even know what your interests is so it's best to post an introduction in the greetings forum.

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