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    What is the best way to tell my parents that I failed my math class this semester???

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    Leave a note on the fridge saying :
    ''Hey, guess what, I failed maths this semester. ''
    Retire to a safe distance.

    Actually, there's no easy way of saying that. Sorry, but your own there.

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    Suck it up, tell them and take the punishment like a man, then try harder next time.

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    Tell your parents that your house is haunted, and that by being haunted every night, you can't sleep, you can't study, you can't do anything right. Then to make your point, spin your head around 360 degrees.

    Research an Einstein equation and write that first on your note. Then say that you are failing math because you are capable of doing this kind of math, but your teachers just aren't challenging you.

    Explain that you had been abducted by aliens, and were replaced by a rather stupid clone. Now that you're back and have gotten rid of the clone, you should do a lot better in math.

    Or say you didn't study enough in math this semester, and that it has taught you a valuable lesson in that you get out of something, that which you put in. You will try harder next time, and to prove it, you will spend less time on the computer writing threads.

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    Get over it, you failed a subject but not telling them could be worse.

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    Just tell them. From your age I'm guessing you're in high school, so they'll find out either way. And it's a pretty safe bet they'll be a lot more pissed if you don't tell them now.

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    I'm going to have to say just do it.....

    Find something to motivate you to keep your grades up btw.... I know if I fail by law I cannot be in after school theatre so if it wasn't for my love of tech I would slip and let my grades fall....

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    Just tell them you have something to tell them regarding school. Then just tell them.

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    It'll be much worse if you don't tell them. Ive taken my quarterly progress notes, and shredded them when i found out i was failing. At the end of the quarter, when my parents got my grades, and questioned why they didn't know, they called the school. When they found out that i hid it from them... lets just say it didn't go well. I ended up not being in marching band, and left with my time at home spent staring at the 4 walls of my room with nothing to do is stare, think, read, and study for at least a good month.

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