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Thread: Bellisimo vs. Drycare 24/7 and other notes.

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    Cool Bellisimo vs. Drycare 24/7 and other notes.

    Just some notes on some night time diaper experiments. Not a full review.

    It's always the question, Drycare 24/7 vs. Bambino Bellissimo.

    In the context of overnight usage, I beleive Bellissimo wins hands down.

    Large Bellisimo vs Large Drycare 24/7.

    I've worn many of these over night, testing to see at what point they leak, then weighing them. Here are the results.

    The Bellisimo can accomplish up to 2.5 liters without leak.
    The Drycare 24/7 manages about 1.8 without leak.

    Both of these are tested in the laying on back position overnight, and weighed when they start to leak.

    So there you have it. Bellisimo wins for overnight use.

    Some notes on how the two diapers work. The 24/7 definitely does not like flooding. You can flood it a couple of times and then it starts to throw a fit and starts leaking out the back. So these may hold more for IC users.

    The Bellissimo on the other hand, wicking king! I flood away all the way up to 2.5 liters. I feel really safe in these, and if I'm not drinking a lot of water on purpose, I never have leaks. 2.5 liters! Awesome. The thought of knowing I can rarely blow this thing up makes me feel really safe at comfortable at night.

    There are other reasons to wear a 24/7 though. I think it's a great day time diaper. It's plastic is stronger, so it's better for active use.

    Other notes...

    A medium 24/7 overnight only held 1.3 liters before leaking.

    Sitting in an office chair comparisons...

    Bellisimo vs. Molicare Super Plus vs. Drycare 24/7 vs. Comficare M10, vs. Abena M4 vs. very average Fabine Exclusive. All were medium

    No "super" brand of diaper could hold more than 1.3 liters in this usage scenario. Some of that may be do to my body shape, but I suspect most has to do with your bottom and your back both being under pressure and not allowing the full diaper to be utilized. It's important to note, with a bambino quadro placed all the way to the front, I was able to extend the Drycare 24/7 medium to about 1.5 liters. It may hold more but I haven't had the time to try and overload it yet.

    So in the office chair scenario, I say buy whatever is cheapest among those brand. I still prefer the Drycare 24/7 forday use, it's just so damn comfortable and fits well.

    What's missing? Comprehensive nightime use of all the brands mentioned. Unfortauntely I got tired of leaking on my bed and cut it short. Also, a comprehensive test of mixed sitting and standing/walking use. I think that scenario would accomodate a bit more capacity in all the diapers but still no where near as much as night time use.

    I hope this information is useful to someone.

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    I find this helpful. If I go out and get Bellissimo's for the first time ever I am definitely referring to this!!!

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    I prefer the bellissimo honestly. But I do like the dry24/7s and think they're a pretty good value for the cost compared to bambino. (I don't care much about prints on the diaper since I'm normally wearing footie PJs over them anyways.)

    One major difference though is that the bambino diapers have an ABSURD amount of sap compared to either dry 24/7 or abena. Personally this is something I really, really like. The diapers that have more sap will expand a lot more when used and feel a lot better. Also seem to have a lot less press out up until they're at capacity.

    Basically all this to say, the bambinos are definitely the way to go but only if you can afford them.

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    Wow this is super helpful when it comes to making my choice on my next stocking of my diaper chest

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