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Thread: the awesome videos thread

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    Default the awesome videos thread

    This thread is for all those awesome videos you see on the interwebs. It can be youtube, flash cartoons, whatever. Just post your awesome videos! Please make sure to tag your links with NSFW (Not Safe For Work) if they're too mature for work, school, or home around young kids and/or parents that don't like that kind of stuff.

    Myself, I've been watching the Awesome series. It contains Awesome Gear Solid one and two, and my personal favorite: Awesome Center. There are a bunch of other Awesome movies as well. Take note that this is on newgrounds so it probably isn't a good idea to go on if you're at school/around parents that don't approve of that site.

    Here's also a video that's a good insight into video games and sex (censored, but still NSFW): Clicky!

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    Doctor! We need you to defuse this atom bomb!

    I think we have a thread for this already.

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    I loved the awesome videos. Metal gear and Trauma Center are some of my favorite game series ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Doctor! We need you to defuse this atom bomb!

    I think we have a thread for this already.
    1: "Doctor, we need you to diffuse this atom bomb!"
    "Open that shit up!"
    Sorry, too nerdy to let that one go. :P

    2: I did a topic title search and it yielded no results. :\

    Arfenhouse teh movie too!11!1one NSFW

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    If you can find a better made World of Warcraft video i want to know about it.

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    Zone of the Awesome Zone of the Awesome. Like the last "awesome" videos only its about Zone Of The Enders.

    Also here's a very creepy cartoon based on the TV show House. I recommend not watch it before you go to sleep, it's pretty disturbing in content. HOSUE [sic]

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