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    Just made a diaper out of a trash bag, paper towels, and tape. Have to pee but not sure if I should. Anyways, anyone have any other methods of making them?

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    I used to use an old bath towel. It was thicker and more absorbent than paper towels.

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    Ah yes, both those methods were my introductory steps to being diapered back in my early teenage years. Served a purpose when it was not possibly to obtain the real deal.

    Be creative, have fun, and be hap-pee!

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    I dd this as a teen also. Paper towels, toilet paper cloth towels, plastic bags, or grocery bags. Sometimes it worked, most of the time it was a failure.

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    When I was a teen adult disposable diapers weren't even on the market, like Depends and Attends. True, in some small independant drun store you might see a bag of bed pads or underpads and if there were any diapers, they were basically the bed pads, thin with a couple tapes. The only optin was white kitchen trash bags and paper towels, which weren't that absorbent by any means. Instread of tape, I would roll a couple layers of paper towels down one side of the open trash bag, then do the same down the other side. Once I had two separate layers down each side, I would wrap them in morer layers of paper towels right down the center. that made it more like a diaper with the extra padding down the center, and it also helped keep things together in the middle. Instead of taping the edges, I would fold the sides of the plastic bag over the edges of the paper towel inner padding and use a stapeler to hold them. I would do the same at the top of the diaper and sometiems I would also staple the crotch area so that it was like the old Pampers, contoured between the legs long before the elastic leg "huggies" shaped diapers came out. Then tape or even staple them on me. Since back then even baby diapers didn't use SAP in them and were not the absorbent ones made now days, these seemed to be pretty realistic for diapers of the 1970's. Anyway, thats all any of us teens had back then in the pre- adult disposable diaper days.

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    I've never managed to embrace makeshift diapers. Not completely, anyway. There is always some little voice inside me saying "they're not real!" From a functional standpoint, this is obviously quite ridiculous. Homemade cloth diapers, in particular, can be every bit as good as the purchased sort. My DL side can't be happy with homemade, though. Rational? Perhaps not.

    Having been raised in cloth diapers, I was fortunate as a child to have easy access to all my old cloth baby diapers, which my parents had kept around. I was able to squeeze into these for a short time, but pretty soon the recipe grew to involve grabbing an extra few pairs of diaper pins and pinning multiple diapers together. This worked fine, and the diapers were "real," albeit composites. I had no real plastic pants, though, so on the rare occasions when I would wet, I would do so in the bathroom and promptly rinse my diapers in the sink. As long as they didn't smell like urine, they could go in the laundry without rousing any suspicion, as they were commonly used for rags by my parents.

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    I did the same thing years ago. They where OK but I never had the felling I was looking for until I bought my first real diapers last year.

    Make shift works, but it does not give the satisfaction/memory queues that the real thing does.

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    Unfortunatly, younger members who have grown up with both disposable baby diapers and later disposable adult diapers have no idea what it was like for us older DL's who just couldn't get adult disposable diapers as teens or young adults because they just weren't available. You had to make do with whatever you could.

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    I'm with Rusty Pins, there weren't even any disposables in the catalogs (certainly no internet back then). My first diapers were towels and my first plastic pants were made from trashbags with big rubber bands around the legs.

    You could get cloth diapers (of sorts) and plastic pants in the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs but as a teen I couldn't figure out how I'd get them until one day I noticed that some of the pharmacies at least had the plastic pants. When I went to college ordering for pick up in the store got a bit easier. About then Sears started the early disposables (single tape per side, essentially rectangular). They started showing up in the better stocked pharmacies and medical supply stores. Attends came out about the time I graduated (back then they still sold them through retail stores).

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    I tried the towel thing several years ago with a huge fail. Made a very big mess. Might work better with a trash bag or some kind of plastic over it, but be prepared for leaks.

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