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Thread: How to keep the tabs from becoming loose

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    Default How to keep the tabs from becoming loose

    Hello all!

    How does one keep the tabs on the diaper from becoming loose? As I move and walk, the diaper feels like it is falling off. Any suggestions?

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    What diaper are you having issues with, are you wearing the right size and are you taping them super tight? If the tapes aren't sticking you could add tape to help the tabs stay in place. Clear packing tape would probably work best or duct tape if you want a super strong hold (and they have nice patterns now but are more exspensive).

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    Make sure the tapes aren't too near the edges and you get a nice even seal (no folds or bent corners). You definitely can add tape as suggested as well.

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    the biggest question here is what kind of diaper you are using?

    what I learned a while back is that whenever I do my tapes you want to make sure you get a snug fit not overly tight and positioning the tapes in the right place. I like to kind of stretch my nappy all out before putting it on too

    but after you tape up press down on each tape individually and rub them in to get a good adhesion

    also of course make sure your not getting powder or lotion anywhere on the taping surface that helps. and maybe try wearing some tight fitting boxer briefs over diaper to keep it snug or some plastic pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattylove View Post
    question here is what kind of diaper you are using?

    but after you tape up press down on each tape individually and rub them in to get a good adhesion
    Thanks Mattylove, I forgot I was going to suggest this also! When I get the tapes where I want them I not only press on them but also rub them. The heat caused by friction from rubbing my finger back and forth across the tape seems to help the glue loosen up and stick better. It's so automatic now for me that I don't think about it!
    The big factors in the equation is still "what diaper and how tight".

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    i once saw duct tape done but once that is completed it cant be readjusted or removed easy
    it also looks industrial and non babyish we are trying to look childish not like awesome
    biker dudes who wear duct tape shiny undies. XD ***just a laugh* Try gettting a sise up and
    if the legs are good just wrap to the front

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    try changing how you're taping. Using the "lean against a wall" technique, place the back of the diaper behind you and lean against a wall. Hold the diaper by the top tapes and pull it forward against your waist, AT YOUR BELT LINE. Adjust the vertical height of the back of the diaper. When you have it positioned properly vertically, lean against it and pull up the front and tape snugly. You probably are going to notice the front pulls up a LOT farther than you'd like to tape it. Ignore that, and pull the tapes straight forward and tape them down. Put your legs together (knees touching) and then place the lower tapes snug also, again pulled straight forward.

    You may have a large "overhang" in the front. (you probably have diapers that are too big for you) As long as the top tapes run around your belt line, your diaper should stay up.

    You can also try to use the lowers instead to keep your diaper up, but they don't do as good of a job, and are trickier to get into just the right spot. (and changing shape, like standing to sitting, tends to change the fit, you can pop a tape when sitting down if your lowers are snug when standing)

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    I use duct tape to help secure my diaper at night.

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    I'd second everything that Bambinod said with one exception: do the bottom tapes angled upwards and with the knee of the leg that you're taping swung out as far as is comfortable. That's about the maximum travel the bottom tapes need, so taping it that far out means that it won't get pulled loose over the course of normal movement.

    Also make sure that you handle the tapes by the edges, don't get powder or lotion or moisture anywhere near the tapes or taping surface, and all of the usual common sense stuff about making tape stick and stay stuck.

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    A friend told me a trick... Do the bottom tabs first. Works 90% of the time for me.

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