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Thread: Luck is on my side

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    Default Luck is on my side

    Hoooooooooly crap my closest call ever!!!

    So I was wearing a large pull up diaper for a looooong car drive (24 hours)(didn't use it)and i (luckily) decided to take it off and go downstairs because we were leaving for dinner. When I came down my mother was chatting with my grandfather and I wasn't paying attension when suddenly she was like "I mean look at this waist!" (I'm very thin) and lifted my shirt up (If i was wearing the diaper they would clearly see the top of it) and I said "hey!" and put it back down and started walking to the van. As soon as I was a safe distance I sighed with shock and relief with wide eyes thinking. "Hoooly @#%*" and continued with my day.

    I mean all my siblings were there! Could you imagine!!!

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    Today the gods have smiled down upon you. Now you must sacrifice a lamb upon the altar of extraordinary good luck.

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    Obvioulsly your family does not know of this side of you! You got lucky! Your grandpa might even have said, "Hey! Did you get into my diapers?"

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    Indeed, it's a good idea to remove the diaper when relatives are visiting, but that was a close call !

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    LOL hysterical. I can relate. Cheers for surviving another day. Learn from it though

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    Wow that was a close one next time if I was you I would be more aware! (Not try to be a jerk!!!) Or anything like that just be more careful trust me!

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