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Thread: Has anyone had a significant read There's a Baby in My Bed?

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    Default Has anyone had a significant read There's a Baby in My Bed?

    Did they find it helpful? Or too intense?

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    I really liked the first half of the book, but the second half was more devoted to her husband's cross gender identification. As a few members have said, some of her theories are a bit dated, but they've certainly been discussed in the AB/DL community and have validity. I don't believe she talks about love mapping or imprinting and that seems to be a more contemporary theory, though I believe love mapping dates back several decades.

    Over all, I think the book can empower us to feel freer about our desires, especially engaging our spouses to not only accept us, but become more involved.

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    I have been attempting to find it, but have had no luck.

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    I bought a copy from, and asked the wife to read it. She read a little of it and didn't want to read the rest. I thought it was a very good book, but it didn't do anything to change attitudes at home.

    I just looked, and Amazon still has it available at $17.65 for hard copy. Kindle edition is $12.95


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    I really enjoyed it myself, but I have not been able to have anybody of personal importance read it. I feel like it sheds a lot of light on why we are the way we are, and how we think in a generalized sense.

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    I'd take it with a grain of salt, some things in the book connected with me, but towards the second half of it, she sounds a little "out there" FOR SURE, read it yourself before you give it to a SO to read.

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    I also found it helpful in understanding what is going on in my head.
    It is written to help a SO take on a parenting role, but even without that, I find the info useful.

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    I read it and then my wife read most of it. I thought was pretty good, but with too many assumptions (not based on real data) and attention to cross-dressing (that's her husbands thing). So, before I gave it to my wife to read I went through it and highlighted areas that pertained to me and areas that did not. Overall, I think it might be a little too "out there" for the spouse or significant other who doesn't know much about this stuff. But, there are some helpful things in this book for the adventurous or open-minded spouse on how to handle an adult baby. I'm actually thinking about buying another book on adult babies so any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Sorry for the original horrendous typing, my phone and I aren't always so in sync.

    My husband read it, but just the chaper on interaction. I'm worried it might seem too extremist. He has actively thought about it more the last few days.
    Like sometimes he holds my hand differently, which I guess the book suggested. And he didn't scoff at the price of the diapers I want quite so much. He said if it was something that made me happy it wasn't a monetary issue

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