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Thread: Found Out Where ABUNIVERSE Is Getting Their Diapers

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    Default Found Out Where ABUNIVERSE Is Getting Their Diapers

    I found out where ab universe is getting their diapers and they only cost 22 cents a piece not including the shipping costs. It appears as though they are buying them from a manufacturer in china. Not only that, but you can buy them yourself and pay for overseas shipping. I haven't made a request of the merchant but the news needs to get out that abuniverse doesn't manufacture the products. They are just buying from the manufacturer and upping the price on everyone and making good money at it. Spread the word people.

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    Don't quote me on it, but I'm pretty sure you need to buy a couple hundred dollars worth at a time because shipping is so insane.

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    There are a lot of Alibaba merchants who use pics of ABU, Bambinos, Cuddlz, Fabine etc as an EXAMPLE of the kind of thing they can manufacture. Some sellers shamelessly use pics of all these brands in their listings. I wouldn't get too excited. Even if they truly made them to the same quality as the originals, you need to buy a 40ft shipping container minimum. That is a god awful lot of diapers and money.

    In my experience with Alibaba traders, the cost per item is rarely the actual cost. Even if they agreed to 22c per diaper, you still get to pay enormous shipping and handling costs and then get slugged a big tax bill upon entry to your country.

    No doubt, ABU are purchasing from a manufacturer in Asia somewhere. There's no crime in it. That's typical wholesale to retail business. I don't see the issue....

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    Of course they are made in china, that's where bambino's come from too.

    the issues are you can't buy them in any thing less then 1000 pieces or so, and as pointed out above just because they show a certain brand of diaper doesn't mean they actually make them or will send you exact copies of them. As big as Alabai or whatever is, they don't have quality control and copy right pretty much doesn't exist in china.

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    Smallest possible minimum order with these companies is usually around 25,000 pieces (approx 20ft container).

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    Thanks for the info guys. It puts things into context. Maybe the reason so many people aren't receiving their products is because of financial problems footing the bill on the shipments from overseas. I've been obsessing because I haven't had a diaper in over 3 months and I bought 40 of them from their site. it's been 2 months now and I haven't received anything. I expected the product to be late. I didn't expect nothing to show up and all. A lot of consumers are filing police reports with the sheriff's department in Everett and Schnomish, WA. They are compiling a report for the FBI but I don't know if anything will come of it. I just hope something shows up on my front doorstep because I feel like I'm going nuts over this.

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    Min. Order: 50000 Piece/Pieces .. ? please tell me that says what I think it says.. O.O.. wow

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    Yes, 50,000 pieces is a minimum order at 27 cents each. I am not sure where you will store 50,000 diapers? All of your friends, family, and neighbors? It takes a ton to run a business, I think I will support our local stores.

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    There are several other threads with this information. Even though they may be listed under multiple manufacturers when you look at the company info many of them are owned under the same company.

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