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Thread: Here we go again!

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    Default Here we go again!

    As some of you know, I was involved in an accident at the end of August last year, and have had to wear a neck brace now for the last 3 or more months.

    Well, I went back to my doctor Monday for a follow-up and more x-rays, to see if my neck fracture was healing at all, or if I was going to need to have another surgery. Well guess what? I'm scheduled for surgery on the 30th of this month, exactly 2 years to the day from the last back surgery, the one that really screwed up my life and caused me to want to try suicide, 3 times no less.

    Well hopefully, that won't be an issue this time, as this shouldn't be nearly as complicated. I go for an MRI on Friday, so the doc will know exactly what he's getting into now. The disc above the current fusion and fracture is also looking very bad, so this could wind up being a repair and replace job. Repair the fracture, and replace the hardware with new stuff and another disc with more bone.

    And I get to try out those crappy hospital diapers again! OH JOY! NOT!!!! I think I'll try and see if I can at least take some of my own diapers with me this time. I still haven't ordered any of those ones that I got the special offer on, and you guys were voting for on my other thread, and now I don't think they would get here in time anyway. This surgery was a sudden decision by both the doctor and myself on Monday. I just want to get this over with and out of the way so I can get on with my life, and then I can settle this accident stuff too.

    So I'll try to keep this updated as to my condition and circumstances. There's still a chance that it might not happen on the 30th, if things can't be worked out in time. I am still on a blood thinner for my clotting disorder, (Coumadin, otherwise known as Warfarin, or rat poison), and I'll need to be off of that for a few days before the MRI and of course the surgery. The drug they give me to replace that is a short acting injection that I have to give myself in the stomach. It's called "Lovenox", (pronounced low-vin-ox), and it sucks! The last surgery, I had to use that stuff for two weeks before the surgery, and a week afterwards. My poor stomach was all black and blue from it!

    If I don't reply on here for a while, it will probably be because I'm incapacitated for a while, at least I hope that's the only reason. There's always the other possibility, I'll be dead. ( I'm praying for the first option here)

    But I want to thank everyone that's been so kind to me here, and I've had the chance to get to know a bit. If you could keep me in your prayers, my family and I would really appreciate that. God bless you all, Rick.

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    Best of luck, Rick, and our prayers will be with you. While it's never good to hear that someone needs to go through with something as serious as that, here's to hoping that it turns out to help put this part of your life behind you!

    Good luck, and we'll keep you in our thoughts!

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    Hi Rick sorry to hear about your up coming surgery and I am sure all will go well. I qwill keep you and your family in my prayers.

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    Ricky, wishing you the very best outcome with your surgery. You've really been through the mill the last two years. Hope the procedure gives you some relief from the misery you've been through. Please keep us updated on how things progress. You're presence will certainly be missed on the forums.


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    This is bad and sad news. I take it that they'll be doing a (another?) vertebral fusion operation.

    Here's hoping that the surgery leaves your neck pain-free and stable!

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    Best of luck Ricky, I shale keep you in my prayers; and like Pojo said please don't die.

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    I feel for you, man. Another surgery? It's like you're being held together by duct tape.

    best of luck.

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    Thanks for all the support guys. I'm really thankful for it. I'm not sure if they will be doing the next disc up or not until the results are in from the MRI, but from all indications, and just going on what the doc had told me the last time I was in for x-rays, back in November, I'm fairly certain that it's going to be done.

    For this surgery, I'm not really worried about it for some reason. Normally I am all nervous and worried about having surgery, and what's going to be the outcome. This is going to be my ninth surgery, the eighth one in as many years, but not all of them have been on my back or neck. I've had two on my lower back, and this will be the second one on my neck. I've also had two on my right knee, one on my left elbow, and one on my nose and throat to correct a sleep apnea problem. The remainder of them were on my hands, for "carpel tunnel" and what they call "trigger finger". That's where your finger, (or thumb, I've had both thumbs do it), lock up on you and it's really painful to get them to unlock.

    I'm hoping too that I'm not going to be another statistic on the operating table, and that this will end my neck pain once and for all. I'll still have back issues as long as I live, and especially if they don't do anything about the misalignment at the base of my back. That's why I need a cane to walk, and what's causing a lot of my pain as well. I'm stuck in a permanent lean to my left because the fusion had shifted for whatever reason, and my back muscles are constantly trying to straighten me back up, but of course that's impossible, so they are always in pain. The only way to correct this is to cut my spine in half at the fusion that slipped, (hopefully without any damage to my spinal cord), and then fuse it back together and reinforce it with more hardware. This is what I wanted done back in 2007, and it was even scheduled for September that year, but my mom had passed away at the end of June, and so I postponed the surgery because I was the executor of her estate, and then my doctor refused to reschedule it, stating that the risks were too high, because it had been too long since the original surgery and the bones had grown together too much now. That was just one of the reasons I had such a horrible time that year, as it also was one of the reasons for my attempted suicides.

    But I'm trying to remain optimistic this time, and also realistic in my expectations of the outcome. I'm not going to expect any miracles, like the restoration of control of my bladder and bowels. I've already been told that that will not happen and probably never will now.

    So thanks again for your support and prayers here. I'm glad to be a member of this site and that you all have welcomed and accepted me as one of your own. God bless you all, Rick.

    Oh, and Chillhouse, duct tape is about the only thing they haven't tried yet!

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    Wow. I had a wreck about the same time you did just a month before. I very very...very luckily came out of it with nothing but a good knot on my head form hitting the roof when i flipped the first couple times. Well man, from me to you let hope that thing go great for you in the future and lets hope that this can all become at least semi-normal.

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