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Thread: Discreet tape style diaper in local stores?

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    Default Discreet tape style diaper in local stores?

    So I'm looking for a discreet tab style diaper that I can buy in brick and mortar stores. They need to be cloth covered so that they won't crinkle and somewhat low cut (I wear them in public). I have goodnites but I really just like the diaper style better. They don't need to be super absorbent but as much as possible while not being tall. I know this is different than what people normally ask for, but because of that there really isn't much reviews on these types of products. Thanks!

    (By the way, 30" waist and I have a Walmart, target, kroger, food lion, and cvs close to me to choose from)

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    I have no idea where you live so this'll be tough for my little brain!

    They sell diaper tape on websites but I dunno how your going to see any in stores. When they sell baby diapers and men/women undergarments there isn't no tape or anything extra (Well except boosterpads) they don't sell tapes where I am from and I don't think babies care what they wear, plus they expect grown men to wear with care if they are IC (at least in my book XP)

    Your best bet is to get them online.

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    Ok maybe I misspoke. I mean the diapers that actually are diapers with tapes, not pull-ups. Like a abena m4. But descreet and sold in stores, sorry if I wrote that wrong.

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    Vadl98, I think our friend Snivy was hoping to have a better idea of where you live, as different countries will have different options. If I am correct in thinking VA stands for Virginia state, in the USA, then you have some options to choose from. Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid etc all have their own brands of adult briefs, all with the cloth outer. Several of them appear to be the same product, just repackaged. The Walgreens ones to look for come in a light blue bag, and are called "Walgreens Certainty Fitted Briefs Maximum Absorbency". The CVS version is called something like:
    "CVS Day & Night Fitted Briefs Maximum Absorbency"
    All the best,
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    If u can find a medical supply store, that would be your best bet. .all the drug store type places suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter1070 View Post
    If u can find a medical supply store, that would be your best bet. .all the drug store type places suck.
    Also you might not know of any medical supply stores in your area but u can search around any hospital area. That would be your best bet on that type of store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soakingboy View Post
    Vadl98, I think our friend Snivy was hoping to have a better idea of where you live, as different countries will have different options.
    Thank you so much because I thought he meant diaper tape you stick on the front of blank white diapers like Dry 24/7's

    Pretty much all you will get is CVS walgreens, store brands, etc... Diapers that you are looking for aren't going to be in stores. They carry what people need not want. Soakingboy's recommendation is on the spot with those diapers.

    There are undergarments like Depends or Poise but as far as I have heard from people, those aren't a very good diaper and it's a pull-up as a matter of fact.

    Countries run different stores and have different brands on what they sell or offer.

    VA - (Virginia) Meh I have been there but I mostly looked in TV sections at a target and they sold just what my store would sell. Depends and poise. It was 2010 since I last visited so maybe things have changed. Pickup's would be like CVS, Walgreens, Any Pharmacy, etc...

    The good diapers are available online such as what you asked for maybe? Abena M4, Dry 24/7's, etc...

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    Abena/Dry 24 are too loud for my application. Plus I live in a college dorm so shipping would be sketchy. I did some research and found a few medical supply stores near me, however most sell in huge cases when I can only take 10 or 12. One sells a pack of Tena Classic Plus diapers, they look loud though, anybody tried them? I sent an email to another store and will probably get a response in the morning.

    Remember I'm going for the quietest diaper, hopefully without sacrificing absorbency (obviously a abena/dry is quite, I'm not going for that. Just more absorbent than a depend POS)

    - - - Updated - - -

    And yes, Virginia. The state where the north is full of government workers and the south full of wanna be rednecks. We have kroger, Walgreens, cvs, all the normal crap.

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    You can wear underwear over your crinkle diapers and carry an empty wrapper of a candy bar with you and use that as your excuse.

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    I realize you're asking about cloth backed specifically because of the noise factor, but as someone who lives with my family while attending college (and common wears both at home and at school), the crinkle from plastic backed isn't really noticeable. I've actually found cloth backed that are louder than depends fitted.

    As far as sound goes, once the plastic has had a few minutes to warm up due to body heat, a lot of the sound goes away. Also wearing some regular underwear (briefs obviously) over it helps cut down on the noise. Finally, tucking any loose plastic back under the diaper (waistband and bits around the leg openings generally) also decreases any crinkle significantly.

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