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Thread: Any pros or cons to eating pureed foods?

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    Default Any pros or cons to eating pureed foods?

    Hello everyone,

    This question just popped into my head and I figured I would ask here to see if I could get a response.

    Are there any benefits or problems that might be caused by frequently eating your food in pureed form? I'm not talking about all of my meals, but I've been sick for the past few days and probably 2/3 of my daily meals have been pureed or just not solid.

    After doing this for a few days (it really helps my sore throat) I've come to realize that I actually enjoy it a fair bit, and it plays into my ABDL/Little side. I also like the fact that it tends to make my meals quicker to eat which goes well with the weightlifting/cardio regimen I've been doing for the past two months.

    So, is there anything wrong with doing this? In my mind I can't really see there being anything negative about it because I am eating the same food, just in a different form.

    As for benefits, I don't really know either. I assume it will help with easier digestion? Maybe?

    Anybody have any input?


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    I don't see any problems with that at all. Like you said, not every meal and it will probably aid in digestion.

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    I do not know of any problems associated with this. I had to do it for two months after my Bariatric Surgery and It does get old real fast.

    The big benefit is that in the case of fruits and vegetables you get a lot more of the fiber from them and it aids in digestion and scouring out the intestine lumen.

    The con that I found with having smoothies is the lack of chewing that stimulates the feeling of being full and I need to have something chewy with it to satisfy the appetite such as a good grain bread od fiber rich cracker.

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    Well to put simply, It depends. If you refer to actually taking baby food alone, it does not contain propper nutritiants as a normal meal does.
    for reg food, also goes bad quite quickly and is dangerous if you do long term food storage without propper
    vaccuum sealing ect. It is good tho if you have bowels stopped up *to put simply* something quick
    on the go, or need a little bit of creativity for deserts for parties.

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    You should be fine if its not every meal you have. If you just totally scrap the solid food altogether you will struggle to get back into it again when it comes to eating normal food and probably end up choking on it as you didn't chew properly. If it goes on for a long period of time you may have to build your way back up to solid food if your body is suddenly having to work harder to digest too.

    But if as you said above are still eating some solids you may be fine, though someone else mentioned the psychological effects of doing this. Most people don't feel satisfied without having something to chew. It slows down the consumption so gives more time for you to start feeling full rather than quickly getting it all inside of you too. If you remove that you are more likely to eat more and find yourself putting some weight on, and feeling a little unhealthier for overeating despite not actually feeling you have had enough.

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    So you know how I'm usually scolding others for pushing unsubstantiated homeopathic bullshit? Yea, watch me become everything I hate right here.

    Drink some cream soda. It makes my sore throats fucking vanish.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So you know how I'm usually scolding others for pushing unsubstantiated homeopathic bullshit? Yea, watch me become everything I hate right here. Drink some cream soda. It makes my sore throats fucking vanish.

    As far as pureed food goes, your body can live without some vital nutrients for a few days. Just focus on calories. Rice and orzo are good. Milkshakes are good. These should be easy on the throat and you won't have to puree them to eat them. Also try to eat a crushed up multivitamin once a day as well.

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    Your food digests in your tummy using the saliva added during chewing. The enzymes in saliva help break down the food you eat. So it sounds like the eating it faster could actually be a disadvantage unless you were just eating extremely slowly before. Ideally you would want to chew each bite close to a minute pureed or not. I would look into how many seconds you are spending now and possibly increasing that a little. Also be sure you are drinking plenty of water about an hour after a meal until about a half hour before. This time frame for is better for digestion as well. This way you have plenty of saliva to use with your meals. Your tummy also prefers the scheduling of water away from the actual meal a little bit. Otherwise some people try to use water as a substitute for saliva during a meal, but this is not good because it just dilutes the enzymes in the food from the saliva and increases the strain on the tummy. When I used to make puree for my patients it was made a little thinner and then thickened by adding a slice of bread or however much was needed to get to the desired consistency. I would probably encourage a daily vitamin and weight check. If you are already high on the BMI scale you are ok to lose a little, but if you are low you need to watch this a lot more closely.

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    As above, the only problem is that you may not get enough fibre which could lead to constipation, and your GI tract will be able to digest the food more efficiently, meaning that you get more kilojoules out for less work done. So nothing major.

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    Alright, a lot of this makes sense. I just have a few other points to make:

    I currently take a multi-vitamin everyday, just to make sure I'm getting everything I need. I was high on the BMI index, but that is because I have a lot of muscle in my legs from when I was an avid swimmer, I talked to a doctor and dietician who told me that even though my BMI was 70lbs overweight, more realistically I should try to lose about 20-30lbs.

    I weight lift and exercise without using supplements etc. I try to get everything I need from the foods I eat, so I try to keep it pretty balanced and my caloric intake for a day is pretty huge. I'm a big guy at 6'3" and 260lbs, I eat probably 3000+ calories a day of various foods, so I don't think my overall nutrition is lacking.

    I'm not doing this because I'm trying to lose weight. Even before I started eating pureed foods I was cutting weight at a pretty reasonable rate of about 2lbs per week with proper diet and exercise. I mostly just had the thought pop into my head and I realized I liked substituting puree for a few of my meals :p

    I will never get to the point where I stop eating solid foods. I could never live without a big steak, or a burger or a slice of pizza. But sometimes I like feeling like a kid again.


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