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Thread: For mlp fans

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    Red face For mlp fans

    My little pony is super duper fun honestly in my opinion (until the
    later episodes when they start getting more violent) I am quite
    impressed at the amount of mlp fans here and I wanted to give a
    shoutout to them, Keep being who you are, dont let anypony hurt
    you or take you down. Old or young, diapered day or night,
    nopony can hurt you without your permsision. Stand up and know
    (diapers or MLP, whichever generation) I love you all and dont
    feel bad for who you are and remember, regression
    is magic

    -love, adagio Quietfoal

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    This is just made my day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovy View Post

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    Um, okay, good. I like it and I never did think there was anything wrong with it. You're kinda shouting at the choir here, I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kovy View Post
    That too. I liked the violence, it was exciting and not overdone.

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    Ever since season.2 picked up things were getting interesting...the season finale of season.4 literally made me say "holy shit" millions of times.

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    I loved the season 4 finally of MLP and I cant wait for season 5 or the Equestria Girls movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inferno21 View Post
    I loved the season 4 finally of MLP and I cant wait for season 5 or the Equestria Girls movie.
    Ugh. Equestrian Girls? I didn't care much for the trailer so I didn't really care. I much rather prefer the pony seasons.

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    i've watched all the way up to season 2 i believe. really reminds me of 90's cartoons, even watched a few episodes that were exactly like some of the 90's toons i watched.

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    Oh season 4 and the Kamehameha of friendship. XD

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