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Thread: Diaper for comfort???

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    Red face Diaper for comfort???

    I am an ab, I like lullabies and things and being held ect, but something
    is diffrent, I like to wear diapers ONLY FOR COMFORT, im to frightened
    to wet and terrified to mess, ruining the calm experience, so I wear
    at night for comfort while i listen to my AB hypnosis tape. is it
    normal for AB.'s like me to wear only for comfort at night although
    have used in the past? It seems to be more calming and less nervous
    this way, although i get urges occassionally

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    Everybody is different and has different experiences. I dont think anyone can say if it is normal or not. If thats what you're comfortable with then there is nothing saying you must "use" a diaper. I dont "use" my cloth diapers but for me I think its a waste if I throw an unused disposable out.

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    you'd probably want to go with either cloth or some medium thickness high pulp diapers. If going with disposables, I'd recommend the XP Medical Absorbency Plus level 3 (not 4) They're very soft, both inside and out, are a medium thickness (so as not to be uncomfortably bulky) and the tapes do a good job of staying out of the way. They're also all white. There's no stiff retape panel on the front, just the silky smooth/soft plastic cover all over. They don't have leak guards or front/rear elastic, but those don't really contribute at all to comfort when sleeping. The entire diaper is very flexible, not stiff, so it's all-around comfy. They're also fairly cheap

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    Most ab/dl's enjoy wetting their diapers, but there's always an occasional one who doesn't. Like Fluffyboy said, if you just like wearing them, that's fine. However, is there any particular reason why you're scared to use your diaper?

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    If I remember correctly, quoting, nine out of ten infantilists like to wet. You're in the minority, but that's not an odd nor a bad thing. Sometimes, I'm just in the mood to wear for the Hell of it; depends on if I'm in a wetting mood or not. But I too am also wondering why you're afraid, if you don't mind me asking.

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    I'm only a DL, but there are plenty of times where I just want to wear a diaper. If I only had a disposable on for a couple hours I'll take it off and put it back on later. You don't always NEED to use your diaper. A long as you're happy in your diapers there's no reason to worry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    is there any particular reason why you're scared to use your diaper?
    I was asked this by multiple uses. I know there are precautions, but i am scared because of getting caught,
    ridiculed, rejeceted, and for leaks. I used to wear and wet them everey chance I had and then I stopped
    it is good to see I am not the only one. My family I live with a not so ever supportive family either if
    you know what I mean

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    Some diaper's have leak guards so that reason about "leakage" should just leave your head. As for your fear there isn't nothing to fear about. You can still wear because it's whatever your heart desires. Whatever you do with your diapers is specifically up to you. Pretty much your already using your diaper since you quotes "only wear for comfort" and it also absorbs the sweat from your bottom half. If your afraid of the smell if you ever decide to make the "passing moment" just dump some baking soda inside and the smell will be instantly covered but some diapers have odor-lock protection so I wouldn't see how that could be a problem anyway.

    You can always take your diaper off and put it to use later as another option! Meaning just un-tape it and put the tapes to the side like back onto the stick area and set them aside later for another time or for another use.

    I haven't had any kind of fear because I always planned my moves and moment's and played it smart but if your going to be stressed all your life over the risk you are taking, then your not really going to get any enjoyment out of your pampers. Just like me on what I did and I bit my tongue and I haven't been caught (I'm also not bragging either because we all can do one dumb mistake and we all fear that our lives are over when they are really not.) If you live with an un-supportive family then might I suggest putting them off for another time? It'll be hard but if your scared and paranoid that you might get caught then it's best to put them off until your shreadful fear goes away then you can give it another go. Don't be scared though because your not going to go anywhere in life being scared. Life is full of emotions we use or not use everyday. We all get urges as you proclaimed and sometimes it's at ease overcoming your urge with a few things but not the one you would want. When your family goes out then throw on a diaper and let your emotions flow through you. That's the best practice you can get out or you can sleep in them unless your mom wakes you up everyday or something like that. It's also helpful if you "DO" use them then just make sure you have a window to use your nappies and discard when

    A: Nobody is home
    B: Everyone is asleep

    Those are probably your best bet's in avoiding detection by radar. But like I said you shouldn't be afraid.

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