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    Default digital cameras

    I'm going to buy a new camera this week, woot!
    I'm still rocking a 3.2 megapixel dinosaur from 2004 and I am wayy excited to get a new camera. I figure I will spend around $100-200 since I really don't need anything fancy. I'll probably buy it at best buy for what it's worth.

    Any suggestions? Tips?
    wasnt sure what board to put it on but figured at least one of you might have some ideas for me.

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    I recently upgraded from my old 3.2 megapixel Fuji from around 2004 to a Canon SD630. I bought it used from my sister who was upgrading, and I love this camera. So.... my recommendation is Canon From what I've been told they have some of the best point and shoot cameras. Otherwise I don't know much else about cameras >_<.

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    I've no idea about digital cameras. I actually need to buy one at some point. Or repair my old 8mpx one. :/

    Although I have heard Kodak has a good name as far as quality goes, if that's any help..

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    W just replaced our old Nikon with a Fuji Finepix F50 12 Megapixel. So far, so good. Battery life is much better with the specialty camera battery than with the AA's the old Nikon used. It also does automatic redeye correction and does a really good job of it. Also, check out Consumer Reports at your local library. Their ratings are usually pretty good. If they would only rate diapers...

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    CANON CANON CANON! Great cameras and great picture quality. They're also very easy to use. I bought an SD750 a couple of years ago and still use it every now and then. I hear the new models are even better. I've moved up to a DSLR, 40D!
    A few shots I took with the SD750

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    I have the HP R937. It is SO basic, even my mother can use it. I really want a professional camera, like a Nikon D90 (1000USD). The HP R937 is kind of pricey, though. It has great battery life (rechargeable battery), 8MP, and the 3" touch screen controls everything.

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    Number one... DO NOT buy a Kodak digital camera. They're rated the worst of what is out there. Kodak makes great film stock, but their cameras suck.

    Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Panasonic are all good brands... You really can't go wrong with anything from them. Panasonic's Lumix line (as well as Fuji's FinePix) is highly regarded as having a great feature set, produces great images for a P&S, at a lower price point than the competition. Sony makes decent cameras, but you're paying a little more for the Sony label.

    What you decide on will depend on what features are most important to you. Do you want something pocket sized, or do you want something with more optical zoom (which generally makes the camera bulkier)? Make sure the camera has optical image stabilization, and get the highest resolution you can for your money. I'd also stray away from cameras that use proprietary batteries, as they're a lot more expensive than AA rechargables, and you can't just stop at a 7-11 for more juice if you run out. On the topic of batteries, onboard recharging of AAs is a nice feature to have, too.

    If it were my money, I'd get this:

    FUJIFILM - FinePix 10.0-Megapixel Digital Camera - Black - S1000fd

    Keep in mind that it's about $30 cheaper online, minus whatever it'd be to ship.

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    I don't know too much about digital cameras...I can just name the two camera's I have, which I got from my grandad...Sony DSC F717 and Canon EOS SLR

    The Canon is what I use to take all my cow pictures, so they have good quality as you can see here (yay for an excuse to show off my cow pics)

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    I have a Panasnoic Luminex? (or Lumix?) I don't really remember at the moment. I bought it used for $200, and the pictures are absolutely amazing.

    a little sample.

    Nick Norton&#039;s Photos | Facebook

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    If you have the money, get a DSLR. You will never buy another camera in your life. I'm sporting my dad's old SLR from the early 80's, but I plan on moving up to a digital SLR sometime soon.

    Course, these things usualy run 600-2000 $$, so it's def gonna cost more than 100$.

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