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Thread: Lullabies: am i alone?

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    Exclamation Lullabies: am i alone?

    I really really like baby lullabies I see them as calming, nurturing,
    sensative, gentle, peaceful, and cute. What I would give to have one
    sang to me again. I have had it online and tried to reenact...with
    no success to the power of the real thing. I REALLY LIKE LULLABIES
    while being held. Am i alone?
    Almost everey other abdl I talk to
    on other sites and a few on here seem to dislike it I feel a
    little alone and I hope to find others who like it... or mabey I am
    just unique

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    I love lullabies, maybe not as traditional of ones, but I do have a music box in one of my simba plushes, and sometimes i'll twist it up at night while I fall asleep.
    My non-traditonal lullabies of which I really enjoy is made by "Rockabye Baby" which I listen to on pandora sometimes. They are actually clasic rock music put to a music box lullaby style. It is super cute, and awesome, all at the same time.

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    I love lullabies, but not the classical ones. I listen to a few cartoon themed ones and some that family and friends have recorded for me. Helps me drift to sleep.

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    I'm too young (4 months babyfur wise) so any lullaby anyone sings I will just easily get knocked out :P

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    I think there is a lullaby channel on Direct TV. I've listened to it but I found it hard to sleep to. Direct TV also has the Baby Channel and they play soft music late at night. The problem is that they are doing sand sculpture during it, so the screen stays bright, unlike the music channels.

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    It depends on the lullaby I think. One that immediately comes to mind for me is this one:

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    I tend to call any piece I find soothing a lullaby, so whenever I come across music with softly a playing glockenspiel or hushed vocals, I always think it would make a good lullaby.

    Disclaimer: I don't/can't/won't ever play lullabies to fall asleep. I have always had trouble falling asleep, and many stimuli, even light ones, will distract me enough to keep me awake.

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    @Tiger AH, yes. Rockabye Baby. I know that series well. there was a guns and roses one that I got from the library once. It was more on
    the relaxing side rather than the sleep side for me however. *smiles*

    - - - Updated - - -

    @dogboy This is the babyfirst channel. I had theyre CDs and even got in contact with the owners in order to give them positive reviews and
    big thanks. Like I mentioned before it is calming, but not something to fall asleep to, especially with the TV on. To counter this,
    I would put a towel over the TV

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    No not alone I like them too.
    Try ASMR so type in comforting soft speak ASMR on YouTube there are bedtime storys too.
    Realy get's me into little head space .
    Hugs your way.
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    I like singing them myself. I used to sing the songs I'd learned incessantly as a child, so I've got this store of them fairly well locked into my brain. Mix in some more modern stuff (my little pony songs for example) and I think I've got some reasonable selection.

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