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Thread: TRUE friends.

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    Default TRUE friends.

    How many true friends do you have. I've been thinking about this alot lately.
    I finaly figured it out. I have only 1 true friend.

    That true friend is:
    Someone I could trust with my life with
    Always has a open ear
    doesn't judge me for what i do
    doesn't judge me fr what i want
    ALWAY there for me NO matter what.

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    Definitively? One. We grew up together, and have been through a lot: summer camp, concerts, trips to Six Flags, etc. He is also my troop's SPL.

    The Army of Two, you could say.

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    By your definitino. None. Everyone judges even if they do tolerate or accept.

    I have 3 true friends if I accept that everyone judges but true friends tolerate or accept.

    1) My mate Scott who was my worst enemy in school.
    2) My mate David who recently was in a horrible car crash (lost an eye, lots of broken bones and unable to move for a few months). I have recently been able to prove to him that I am a real friend.
    3) Ryan. My climbing partner is someone I trust with my life so often and that I don't even think about it any more. Every time I fall I don't have the slightest fear because I have no doubt that he'll catch me.

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    I have 8

    Those would be my closest friends and I'd take a bullet for them.

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    Five true friends...and I'm grateful to have them, because they have pulled me out of things that were way wrong and they have sworn me (some of them even crying) that they will be always there...and so I will =).

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    I have 3 people like that. One of them I've known since I was 5 and the other since I was 10. I met the last one when I was in high school. They're just the kind of people I can talk to about anything and who are always there if I need them.

    Then there's a lot of people who could be true friends. The situations that puts those friendships to the test just hasn't presented themselves yet.

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    I have 5. However - 3 of them don't know about my ABDL stuff... but I don't think my friends knowing about my sex life is a factor in our friendship, so it doesn't matter.

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    I couldn't give you a number, because all of my friends are so vastly different.

    I have one who I hang out with a lot (way too much if you ask me) and we have a lot of fun together. He does know about me being here because he knew I did something on the internet I wasn't telling him. So he tried to find me and succeded. He made an account and is still supprisingly active, if anyone knows Blarg, thats him.

    I have another friend who I really like, I would take a bullet for him and he would take one for me, but unfortunetly we don't see eachother often, and he's kind of full of himself. He hangs out with a different group of friends than me, and will pritty much ignore me when he's with them, but I don't care. He's just trying to maintane his image (whatever that may be).

    I have one more that is very very difficult to be friends with. He is gay, and madly in love with me. He writes me letters, calls me on the phone, and you can even see the comfort in his eyes when he's around me. He wants me to love him, he has said so repeatedly in his letters, but he knows I never will, which he has also said in his letters. I don't hang out with him that much (because that would pritty much be dating) but I do enjoy being around him. He is my one friend that really provokes the kind thought that I use to only get when trying to find out who I was. He not only makes me redefine things about me, but he allows me to try to decipher his thoughts and fealings the same way I tried to decipher my own. He gives me enough information on how he feals in his letters for me to understant enough to try, and I really enjoy it. Though he's very strange, I'd still consider him a good friend.

    Lastly, I have a freshman stalker whom I don't like that much, but she adors me. She followes me around everywhere, goes to classes late so she can be with me longer, and has memorised my locker combonation just by hanging over my shoulder so much. She'd take multiple bullets for me, but I'm not sure I'd do the same for her. I'm just there to be a good friend, and that is all she askes for.

    The hardest thing is that all of these people (except the 2nd person, don't really see him at school) really don't like eachother and cling to me at the same time. It's really hard having to listen to 3 different people talk and try to reply to each conversation, so most of what I say is just yes, no, or that's nice.

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