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    Default custom pacifiers.

    i was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could get a custom paci. I found a paci at the store that I really liked it had my school's logo on it and I would really like to get the nipple replaced with a nuk 5 or 7 does anyone know where I can get something like that done.

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    You could send it to pacifiers r us and they would modify it to however you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    You could send it to pacifiers r us and they would modify it to however you want.
    I didn't know they did that cool

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    Yeah, Pacifers r us, will allow you to send them in to be modded. I've personally never done it before. You might want to ask others what their experience has been, if you can find anyone that's done it.

    I personally have ordered from them several times, and I have no complaints about their service. They've always been quick to respond to email questions, and have got the pacifiers to me quickly.

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    I mod heaps of pacifiers myself and not all of them can be effectively modded without damage. Some of them have buttons that are basically cemented on with glue. Those ones are near impossible to pull apart (Philips Advent are a perfect example). The ones with a ring that snaps through the button and shield can be much easier though.

    I think pacifiersrus usually ask you to send them 2 or 3 of the paci you'd like modded in case they have to destroy several to result in one good one.

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