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Thread: Seeking Stussy, The Mystery Of The S

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    Question Seeking Stussy, The Mystery Of The S

    the 90's, a time of CDs, Nickelodeon, and that mystrious s symbol that appeared out of nowhere, being drawn on EVERYTHING. that s has haunted the internet for years, appearing everywhere under the sun, youtube, reddit, and dozens of forums entailing everthing from indie clothing brands, to grand theft auto. what is the s, is it a brand symbol, a gang sign, or just a doodle that came out of nowhere? its not just a 90's thing, its also an 00's,10's,80's,70's,60's, and older thing, kids still draw it to this day, and any first 3rd grader can recodnize it. lets jog our memory first, here is a simple text based image recreation of "the s":
    / \
    \ /
    simple right, wrong, this s is one of the biggest mysteries in modern times, right up there with bigfoot, amelia airhart, and ghosts. it is untraceable to any source, but therioies are out there, here are two popular ones that still are disputed, 50 odd years later.

    Stussy Clothing (1980's)
    stussy is a popular brand of clothing mostly assosiated with skater culture, espesilly in california. stussy was founded in the early 1980s, and it still makes and sells clothes around the world to this day. the reasoning for this theroy is that stussy made a piece of clothing (hat,shirt,pants,etc), that included a symbol on the item, the symbol you ask? none other than the infamous s symbol that is still disputed to this day. kid suposadly drew it, and it spread like wildfire until its origin was hidden from view. a few of the holes in this theroey, the symbol dates from the 1960s or before, 20 or more years before the founding of stussy clothing. the other hole is that no clothing with the s on it has been found, old or modern, to support this claim.

    Schoolastic books (1980s/1990s)
    another thereoy is that schoolastic books made a puzzle book containing a certian puzzle: turn 4 lines into an s using only 6 more lines. once kids found out the soulution, they drew it everywhere until it was a global phenomanom, but this theory again, fails to hold water. the supposade puzzle is nowhere to be found, on the internet that is, if you want to, look through your puzzle books to find the puzzle, but its probably in vain anyway.

    in conclusion, the mystery is not solved, so we need your help, post a comment about your theroy.

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    What you've illustrated above looks like a relation (descendant) of this.

    Maybe something is getting lost in translation, maybe I need to post less?

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    I remember doing that and seeing other people do it.

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    my first reaction to this thread was 'eh?', but after mooching around the web, i get the 'thing' and it reminded me of the graphic doodlings by my peers in our youth.
    after having done calligraphy, i'd like to proffer that the technique [that spawned the fad] is a simple calligraphist's method of producing gothic style lettering, for to be coloured in. as may be seen by answers from elsewhere, it's not confined to S, but is used for the whole array of letters and numbers, with S being only a good example of how various simple lines can form the graphic symbol.
    how such a thing became to be a fad was, i would guess, that the demonstration of it formed a part of teaching (probably during spare time in the classroom) and as a demonstration of how this-new-fangled-education-malarkey (relativley speaking) can be put to good use in avoiding a life of labourious labouring (that, with the rise and spread of advertising and news media, etc).

    and, back for acorn, for getting the old irish alphabet in (i've been waiting to wedge that into a post for ages )

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