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Thread: First Diaper Memories (Or "The Most Unoriginal Topic Since Choose Your Own Adventure Books")

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    Question First Diaper Memories (Or "The Most Unoriginal Topic Since Choose Your Own Adventure Books")

    its time yet again to bring up those memories you have forgotten like the Star Wars prequels (and hopefully they are awful like the star wars prequals).
    so yes, i am resurecting the oldest thread in the book, the over used "first diaper memories" thread, yes, this thread has been done more times than there are Buggatti Atlantic coupes in the world, and i doubt anyone will get that joke, but hey, i'm the person whole has said some of the worst jokes on the forums, but is that gonna stop me (HINT:NO). ok, back to the topic, your first diaper memories, all i have to say is keep it PG-13 and get your pets spade and neutered, but both of those are givens anyway

    here are my early memories, deep personal secrets that i am putting out for the world to see, because, hey, its not like you guys don't know anything worse about me, but lets not open old tins of larvae.

    my first memory is from about November of 1996 when i started wetting the bed, and all the standard wetting the bed things happened, bed mats, bed alarms, and yes, early model GoodNites, but we just called them pull ups because we couldn't be bothered to think of clever names. i had to wear them to bed because my mom didn't wanna change the sheets each morning and because i didn't want to have to shower every morning (i hated water). basically, i used to lay in bed wearing a goodnite and footed sleeper (i was small and still fit in footies) so from time to time i would pretend to be a baby, thats probably where i got the sleeper fetish from (but lets not threadjack this thing with that story . basically, i would lay in bed and make baby noises late at night, then maybe suck my thumb, that was all i did because i didn't really know what else to do.

    that is my first memory, it wasn't exciting, but itsall i can think of to share right now.

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    My memories were back in the 2000's I can't remember that far much alone remembering my first slice of Pizza?

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    Well, I've shared mine in just about every instance of this topic, so here goes again.

    I can remember lying on my back in my crib-bed (a regular bed with low bars on one side) while my mom diapered me for bedtime. I've long known, somehow, that this was just the nightly routine when I was three years old. The memory concludes with my looking down to see her pulling the front of a cloth diaper up between my legs, and then poof! Nothing. It's all just images, too. I don't know whether the rest of the diapering was forgotten, or whether I simply didn't bother to watch because it was such a mundane -- perhaps slightly embarrassing? -- routine at the time.

    This small memory has long been a centerpiece of my diaper fantasies. I can more clearly remember acting out that same diapering scenario after having gotten my hands on some of my sister's diapers several years later.

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    My first diaper memory is in-fact my first memory ever! It's taken me nearly 30 years to come to terms with it, it always used to haunt me... But with acceptance now I feel less conflicted about it and would like to share.

    My older brother and friends were in the yard playing in the sprinkler and slip'n'slide, and I wanted to join them. I was only 12 months old so my mother stripped me naked and tossed me out the door to play.

    NAKED?! I was mortified when I realized there weren't going to be any swim trunks for me, like the other boys were wearing. I couldn't talk yet, so I couldn't express how I'd rather have the diaper back on than be naked... So I hid on the other side of the house by the bushes, totally vulnerable, embarrassed, and confused about what to do - my infant mind awash in a wave of powerful new emotions...

    How do I know this is a genuine memory? Well, Mom probably thought I was just being a cute, fussy baby so she got her camera, took a picture... And painted a portrait of naked baby me. Which hangs in my parents' house to this day, where it has hung nearly my entire life. The root of my shame in glorious oil color, framed and presented for me and all who visit their house to see.

    Only I understand the look on my face in that portrait... I suppose my wife too, after I told her this story.
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    Playing my piano in a t-shirt and a diaper when I was two years old.

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    Wow- my old brain does not go that far back, I do have a kindergarden memory (5 years old) of messing my tights...

    The next memories are around the age of 12 / 13 and I put on 7-10 pairs of underpants and wet the bed. At the same time, Iliked to put a towel on the floor and lay down on it and peed.

    Well, so far what my brain discovered...

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    I have told tales before about how I wore for bed wetting up till age 11, including a post about the first time I deliberately wet one for the first time aged 10.

    But as for a distinct earliest memory I'm not to sure. When my night time accidents started to slow down at about 8, I started to only wear diapers on a Friday and Saturday night coz I could stay up late, was more tired, and less likely to wake up. For the rest of the week I went to bed in thick terry cloth training style pants with plastic panties over them.

    I wasn't ever a heavy wetter, but would just not quite wake up in time and would start to slowly leak or dribble before I would wake up properly. On most nights the trainers/ plastic combo was sufficient. The added bonus was if I did wet a bit then I could easily change myself.

    When wearing a nappy, I wasn't allowed to put one on by myself. If I did make it to the toilet, I could remove it, but had to wake mum up to put it back on. This rule happened after I destroyed a couple trying to put one on, and after not putting it on properly would leak badly.

    My early memories are of waking up in damp (soggy!) trainers and rushing to the toilet while holding onto the front and feeling my hand getting warmer.....

    I have a memory of standing in front of the toilet and losing all control in my nappy as I tried to undo the tapes.

    I also remember often leaving a soaked nappy on in the morning as I watched the cartoons. I would wait till mum got up and told me to shower and change.

    Other similar but non diapered memories are from about age 6-7 when I wet my pants while playing outside and calling out to my mum. She would appear at the back door with a damp cloth, a towel, and a dry pair of pants. She would just change my shorts in the backyard and I would keep on playing.

    I don't think I would be classed as a chronic pants wetter, but I probably had about 15 accidents that I remember between the ages of 6-12. The last one aged 12 was the only time I remember her being mad at me for it.

    I think I only wet the bed (big time) a handful of times after I turned 10, but I kept wearing my disposable "sleep pants" until I was nearly 12 if I had been up late or was sick etc. They were always a comfortable insurance policy for me.

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    I remember being changed on a brown couch we still have pictures of when I was 3. And the doctor taking my diaper off to get a temperature when I was 2.

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    I was sadly potty trained at a very early age (apparently before 2 yrs old, day and night) so unfortunately I can't remember any diaper related memories back when I actually *needed* them.

    My earliest post-potty trained memory is probably wearing some kind of pull up/diaper along with my brother during an unplanned overnight stay at my grandmas house.

    We were staying there overnight to avoid driving into the path of what turned out to be a huge, devastating tornado--and my mom hadn't brought any spare clothes. For whatever reason, we ended up going to bed in some diapers/pull ups that my mom and grandma found stashed away somewhere. Not because we needed them--but rather as substitute underwear.

    The only thing I can remember of the actual diapers/pull ups (forget which kind they were) was that they were covered in Barney the dinosaur pictures and were surprisingly comfortable to sleep in.

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    I remember laying on the floor of my babysitter's bathroom having my diaper changed while the bigger kids lined up to use the toilet before nap time.

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