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    I just recently got my own place with no roomates for now so I feel comfortable ordering diapers. I ordered some Bambino teddys and I was very impressed as they were my first non store brand. Anyways I'm ready to order some more but I would like to try something else of similar quality. I was going to order some abena m4s but the more I looked into it they are actually slightly more expensive than the teddys when ordering by the case. Why would I buy a non abdl diaper if its more expensive than a great abdl diaper? Does anyone have any recommendations for a good quality diaper at a price cheaper than these? I like thicker more absorbent diapers but I make no preference to plastic or cloth backed. Thanks for any and all help

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    If you want thicker and more absorbent go with Dry 24/7

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    Whatever kind of diaper you want to fall in love with!

    Prefer Thick, absorbant, and cute: Bambino Bellissimo
    Prefer Thick, Plain White, and absorbant: Dry 24/7

    I honestly think the Dry 24/7's would be your best bet if you don't want to spend much! The dry 24/7 is a plain white diaper which has all the favorite qualities and regular qualities of a diaper (Except cuteness) They have several sizes so go nuts!

    • Absorbant
    • White
    • Comfy
    • Thick
    • Perfect fit & adjustable

    These diapers will go wonders and make you jump into buying a huge case if you were to buy a small case or some samples! There are of course other diapers out there that you might like but if you prefer thick, fluffy diapers, then I think these things will amaze you! You don't even have to change when you wet these bad boys...probably maybe a change cycle of 9-12 Hours but you can go longer if your willing to risk ^^

    You can pick up some here!

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    Try XP Medical's Absorbency Plus Level 4. They just made some product changes so you can buy a case of the old version for just over $1 per diaper, which is a fantastic deal since these diapers are only outclassed in absorbency by the new Dry 24/7. They are, with the current sale, much cheaper than anything else with that much absorbency.

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    Thanks for the recommendations. I have been looking at the absorbancy plus and I might pull the trigger on those. I bought a case of teddys last night but I just found some visa gift cards and I have $70.00 Worth! so I am looking at buying some more diapers maybe. I need to clear up what might have been confusing in my last post. When I said I like thicker more absorbent, I didn't necessarily mean more thick than bambino teddy's. Just thicker and more absorbent than depends haha. I am pretty new to the premium market because for several years I was restricted to what I could buy at CVS

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