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Thread: A fur sexual identity crisis

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    Default A fur sexual identity crisis

    So i am a straight male, who has always looked for women. Lately have been getting into my furry side a bit more and I've realized that I would fantasize more about being submissive to another male furry, and not female. Yet in the "human" mindset it never cross my mind to do so. So I'm starting to feel lost in that as a fur i am a gay submissive, yet as my normal self i can only see women in a sexual way. Is this normal?

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    Whether it's "normal" or not is irrelevant. No one can control who or what they find attractive.

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    Like perlFerret said, normal isn't really the issue. You can have any preferences that you want. That particular combo may be quite the challenge though, since you yourself aren't sure what you want (or maybe you are, but you want totally different people at different times). So, hopefully when the right person comes along things will clear up for you. Good luck.

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    I've noticed in myself that sometimes pictures of males are more attractive than the real thing. Perhaps that is your case? We can go on line and fantasize over that which we see, but doing the real thing may not be as attractive. Only you can know what you want. It's possible that you're bi, which is my case. Humans are complicated.

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    possibly Bi-furical..... (smile)

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    Why would being attracted to the same sex be weird, but being attracted by wearing a fur suit or seeing others in a fur suit not be weird?

    I say go with the flow. Homosexuality is not any weirder than dressing up.

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