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Thread: How many serious artists do we have here?

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    Default How many serious artists do we have here?

    Just out of curiosity, how many of you want to be a professional artist?

    What kind of art are you into? Performing, musical, visual? Or, let's get more specific in those categories. For example, I want to be a comic/manga artist and maybe an animator (I've always dreamed of having my own cartoon/anime).

    I wanna hear from you guys. If you have a deviantART/Fur Affinity/etc, share your page here, too!

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    I am currently studying to become a professional illustrator. Where I want to take my skills, I do not know, but that's the best thing about becoming an illustrator: there are so many options available that illustrators can take up. Storyboard illustration, graphic novel illustration, concept illustration, character illustration and animation are all fields that I would be fine pursuing.

    Currently, I have two dA accounts. One is for my general illustrations and the one I use the most. The other is for my diaper related pieces. I decided to split the two because I'd feel better keeping my diaper stuff separate from my other stuff, like when an artist decides not to show their NSFW pieces on their gallery.

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    I went to school for graphics design, but never graduated. Don't really want to go anywhere with it, because I found my dream job in the wind energy industry instead. Had I not found my current job, I think I would of wanted to bring my skills into animation and cartoons and the such instead.

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    Also, might as well put up the links to my dA accounts

    partiallyBatty - For all of my general illustrations and characters
    the--shambles - For all of my diaper related illustrations

    Also, I just wish to clarify something by sharing these links: if you intend on following me on both of these accounts, KINDLY do not share the fact that they are both me.

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    I'm a classically born and bred musician. Music has been my life for as long as I can remember, but I have made my way over to the progressive metal side of music and am trying to achieve in that at the moment.

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    I'm a professional performing musician as my degree is in organ performance from Westminster Choir College, Princeton. As a student, I've performed under Leonard Bernstein at Philharmonic Hall, NYC, and Leopold Stowkowski, Carnegie Hall. As an adult, I was the assistant accompanist to Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and I've been recorded and aired on WVTF, Public Radio. Now I play more keyboard/piano than organ, but I enjoy both.

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    I graduated from Film School as a screenwriter and I'm working on several projects that I'm trying to get sold.

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    I wouldn't really call myself serious yet, but it's getting there, I hope for my characters to see life in a comic, video game, anime, or any other medium.

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