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    Just wondering if I can get some opinions on this. First, a backstory. I've never been fortunate enough to meet a woman for diaper play (been flaked on several times), but it may be a possibility with a local woman (100% positive she's genuine, talked on phone, all that). We were at the point of it being a definite thing a few weeks ago, then she flaked out and said she just wanted the fantasy. She replied again this week, just saying that she will get back to me when she's less busy, but I'm still not that hopeful. Still, if she replies that she wants to do it, I need to be ready to order diapers soon before she changes her mind again(!). I rarely wear diapers anymore myself, and thus would be ordering a sample pack for her, probably from Duraline, as well as a couple of other brands from another site. I was all set to order them the morning she originally flaked.

    My problem is that I'm not sure what size would be best for her -- medium or large. She has never worn the baby-style adult diapers before, only pull-ups from Depend and other companies. She is not fat or a BBW, but she is thick and tall -- about 5'10". She definitely has some hips on her in her photos. I went ahead and asked what her waist size is, but she said she's not sure.

    Having not worn diapers for a while, I fished out one I had around and looked at it recently on myself. I have about a 30-31" waist, and a medium Attends' flaps didn't seem like they would fully fit around someone who was larger. I don't want to have a situation where I'm trying to diaper her and the tapes just ending up on the flaps, and it not being a nice encompassing fit for her. I guess my question is whether a large would be too large. I know in addition to having longer side flaps, the pad is wider and longer front to back. Considering that she is tall, it's likely that she'll have a longer abdomen, so I'm wondering if that would be okay. Do you all think that if I got the large, it wouldn't be too large on a girl who has a thicker but not fat hip/waist area?

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    sizing is different with every diaper, depends plastic small/medium fits 19 to 34 inch waist im 36 and there are tight large fits 30 to 42 inch

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    Each diaper has it's own qualities and different sizes. All you have to do is figure out which adjustment this "Diaper" has.

    This is a sizing guide that contains most of the commonly used diapers so refer to this:

    I highly doubt anyone can answer this because even though that is the correct measurements, sometimes it can be on the far side and your pushing your sides a size too small. What you can do is re-measure your size, refer to the size guide, then the actual size of the diaper you want to purchase, and head-on over.

    Dry 24/7 is stretchable so size you want "should" fit you directly on the spot.

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    waist size is not usually the one you want to consider anyway for adult diapers. The hips play a bigger factor in securing a good fit. If you are not sure, I would say go for the L. Sounds like she might fall between L and M. L will allow you to tighten more, a size too small might only allow top tape to be fastened, which often results in quicker leaks in my experience at least.

    If she has an issue with you getting this bigger size, you simply say you had to grab what they had available!!

    good luck, sounds like you could have having some fun!


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    ^^Thanks. I doubt this is actually going to happen because she is super flaky, but I have to be prepared. I think I would go with the large. What you mention about not being able to fasten the bottom tape is not something I'd want to occur.

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    Bottom tapes work fine, just tape them upwards to prevent leakage and let the leak locks do their job

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    It sounds like IF our friend gets this woman to wear, then that is probably as much as will happen. Not sure we are going to be hearing about this lady flooding the diapers too.. Although, for ExtraFluff I will keep my fingers and toes crossed! I remember the first girl who wore and wet for me... Where my love for the old Tena Slip Maxi began.. Anyway, back to the topic at hand...!

    We don't want to be taping her into something too tight, that could end up proving uncomfortable digging into her skin. Size up for comfort I say :-) sometimes a bigger diaper also looks cute, versus a padded bikini brief fit.

    Be good all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soakingboy View Post
    It sounds like IF our friend gets this woman to wear, then that is probably as much as will happen. Not sure we are going to be hearing about this lady flooding the diapers too.. Although, for ExtraFluff I will keep my fingers and toes crossed!
    Oh no, if (a big IF like you say) we get together she is definitely going to be flooding the diapers. That's something she asked me about. Considering that she's inexperienced in this and is embarrassed, she coyly asked me what I would want her to do if she's wearing one and needs to go to the bathroom, and I said that she would use the diaper, which she said is what she wanted. With the pull-ups she's used, she has done small-volume enemas (my other fetish; bowled over that she's into that too) and expelled them in the pull-ups, and we would be doing that as well (and even a larger volume enema as well). As for sizing, I do think large is the best bet because I want a nice big, fluffy fit to it, not something that is small and too tight for her to be comfortable. I really doubt this is going to happen, but wish me luck, guys.

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