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Thread: Greetings from the Netherlands

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    Smile Greetings from the Netherlands

    Hi all,

    I'm just going to type away what my thoughts are right now and what i feel like, will probably be a long read.

    After a long time of self-denial, avoiding anything that had even something to do with this, struggles and bad feelings i decided to give up and decide that diapers are my thing and that i am, deep down in my heart, still little.

    From the time i was young, in elementary, i remember having some kind of attraction to diapers, they just seemed so comforting and nice. Always when we played this game when we all played a happy family i wanted to be the baby and i loved it, that must've been odd for my friends but well, i don't actually see them anymore at all and they must've forgotten it. Anyhow, so i've had an attraction for diapers for a long time on elementary.

    At the beginning of HS this faded, i did not have an attraction to Diapers anymore but i just seemed to love wetting myself, i loved the feeling and did it sometimes, not often though because i felt quite gross when i did this. A few years however the diaper thing returned and i found online that i wasn't alone in this but that there even were complete communities around the subject.

    I thought it was pathetic, that i was pathetic and crazy and insane for being like this, what was wrong with me i wondered. I tried to take distance from it, i once was able to not even look at it for 3 months, but when i looked at the threads in /soc/ and talked there i just felt home again.

    Anyhow, it's now 2014, i turned 18 last July and i just started Chemistry on the local University, planning to move to Sweden and study a Pharmaceutical subject after getting the certificate for the first year which would allow me to. So today I've decided that i AM a Diaper Lover, an Adult Baby and Little. It is just part of me and i love it, besides i would love to give care to one too, to be a kind of daddy.

    I have once worn DryNites and i just loved the feeling, since then i haven't tried diapers again because i still live with my parents as we aren't rich and i can't afford to get a job as i need the time for study and relaxation. I want to get more into this interest but i will need people to talk with about this to shape this part of me and accept it, that's why i came here, i needed a good, supportive community.

    Anyways, enough about the Diapertalk, i feel a lot better typing this out already, to talk a little about myself:

    I have a huge interest in research, i love to get to the bottom of things and to find solutions for problems in anything close to science. I've chosen Chemistry to form a good basis for a BioPharmaceutical study which i want to do once i get the certification to do so, I have lovely friends on school and i actually suspect one person to be an AB as well (that might be some wishful thinking though). Besides i have a huge interest for music as well, i listen to all kinds of musics (except the somewhat louder parts of rock, i.e. metal and such), play the piano myself and i sometimes even do some electro music producing or i write music for the piano (which most of the time turns out awful).

    That's actually all i have to say, I'm really thankful that there's a community like this, love to you all !

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    What an excellent introduction! Welcome to the group! We look forward to hearing more from you - I see you already made another thread!

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    Hey, Nice story, I'm from the Netherlands too. Leuk je te ontmoeten! I'm just starting and I also live with my parents, but I didn't wear a diaper yet.

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