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    Hi sissygirls,
    I am a sissygirl who is very much a lifestyle sissy....but I must admit I am still in diapers but I know my diapers keep me all safe and protected. How are other sissies doing with their diaper wearing. I love to dress-up and is everything a sissy should be.
    Lipstick Kisses,

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    Well, let me be the first to say Welcome then. While I can't say I am a sissy persay, I kind of am and enjoy getting all pretty and dressing up. What's your favorite style?

    I personally love my hello kitty onsie and skirt set I made with a nice pink and white striped tights, or my black and yellow Princess Luna skirted onsie with these really cute black tights with stars on them.

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    I consider more of and LG than a sissy. I love to dress up especially in my skirt and a few t-shirts I have with my diapers and panties over them. I also love to wear my nightie to bed with my diapers underneath.

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