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Thread: Hey all, I'm a new adisc dl/ab

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    Default Hey all, I'm a new adisc dl/ab

    Well i've always been attracted to disposable diapers ever since I can remember. I just couldn't get past how awesome they were, keep in mind back in the day all disposable from Pampers to Luvs were plastic covered and always had a strong scent of babies inside. Also you can't beat the cute tapes the old diapers had across the front.

    Anyways I'm new to this site just sayin howdy.

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    Hey there, mate, and welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your time here

    Have any hobbies worth discussing? I'm quite fond of drawing in my spare time, as well as playing games and doing a bit of reading.

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    I'm old enough to remember when Pampers were the disposable diaper! Then came Kimbies! Huggies and Luvs and all the rest came later. When I first remember Pampers comming out, there were no tapes! They came later. You had to use diaper pins just like cloth diapers. There were no "Contour" disposable diapers or elastic around the legs until Huggies came out. The most Pampers had was a pleated area between the legs. Ah, old memories!

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