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Thread: out and about diapered :)

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    Default out and about diapered :)

    so i know many of these threads are out there but i wanted to hopefully get a fresh on going just like some humiliating or fun times you have had while diapered!

    lately ive been kinda depressed i guess and have really been having the urge to just want to be diapered all the time but life doesnt quite allow for me to do that. I have to say though that my favorite thing to do is to go to school diapered. i love walking around the campus all day with a nice wet diaper on under my jeans. i hate the paranoia of trying to hide it but it is just so awesome to drink loads of coffee and water all day and have a super wet diapee by the end of the day.

    like the other day i was a little risky because its still been kinda sunny here and so i cant wear a big coat to hide a diaper but i have really been wanting to wear one of my dry 24/7's out and about all day so i just went for it and did it, wore a long t-shirt and loose jeans and to be honest it really wasnt too terribly hard to conceal. it was awesome, i drank so much fluids and by my third class i was basically constantly wetting......but oops that was my mistake lol i was in my last class, and i just kept wetting, and i was sitting down and i knew that my diaper was coming to capacity but i just kept having to pee so i was super nervous it was going to leak. at the end of the lecture i slowly got my stuff together and let the room clear out before i got up and sure enough there was a big wet spot on my chair and my bum was wet on my jeans. luckily it was late in the day so i could take the back routes walking home and really try and avoid people but it was honestly could have been a bad situation, like i have never wet it that much in public that it leaves a big wet spot on my jeans and chair

    all in all though it was a great day and i love dry 24/7!! lol

    so whats some other fun times or humiliating stories anybody have? anyone else just love going to school diapered all day and drinking lots of liquids to be really wet?

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    Well, they better change their name I think! You have demonstrated they can't even keep your jeans dry for 10 hours, let alone 24/7! :-)

    Sorry. I am not funny.

    Wearing and using while out and about living life is one of the pleasures of the whole diaper thing, in my opinion. The comfort, the practicality, the excitement. Out shopping, long drives, sporting events, hikes in out in nature, walks along the beach. I have and do wear on all such occasions, and love it each time. I have been fortunate to have very few severe leaks, but I tend to carefully choose products for the situation and always have changes with me in case.

    Keep on enjoying them!
    Be good mattylove.


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    I wish I could afford to buy diapers and do that. sounds like a fun day.

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    Those days where you just say "F-it" are the best. I recently made last minute plans to go visit family who live 7hrs away. I knew as I was making the plans that I would do the whole drive diapered lol. And I did. Of course the time to change came and I chose to use the rest areas. At my first stop I was incredibly nervous. So nervous I just sat in the car for like 10min lol. But I told myself "I made this choice and here I am. No matter what I do, this diaper is wet and needs changed." So I went in. It was fairly busy. I just went to the last stall and got to work untaping. I know people heard me. I caught a guy staring me down on my way out. I had a sidebag with me, so walking out, it was kind of obvious.

    My heart was racing. I went through the whole thing 4 more times and did the same for the drive home.

    But back on topic: This was a spur of the moment occasion for me and thus I can relate. For all the nervousness, there is a bit of fun to be had ;-)

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    I had one accident at work towards the end of the day, no one noticed and I was almost the last one there, so I was able to get home without anyone noticing. It took a long time after that to trust myself without plastic pants again. Mostly what I learned from the experience is never trust cheap diapers when wearing at work or other similar places. So I mostly wear a good absorbent diaper and often a booster in it just in case. I think it was a wings choice plus brief, now I wear mostly superio's, abena m4s, or tena slip maxi.

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    I have had a couple experiences that I would not want to repeat, and fortunate like matted, I got away with it. I use a Bambino Bianco with plastic pants during the day. I change during lunch hour, and I am home before 5, with no problems.

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    I mentioned it in another thread, but one day I went out to a blueberry farm to pick berries. Fortunatly I go down to the end row where no one goes because I know the berries don't get picked there much and I can get big berries with not a lot of extra effort. I had on very thick diapers and because of that, I wore baggier shorts to help hide that fact. Elastic waist and no belt loups. You might see where this is going. SO, the biggest juciest berries are inside the branches near the trunk. I had to hold back the branches with one arm and pick the berries with the other hand. Bending over I felt my shorts slide down a bit so I would give them a tug in back to pull them back up. Well, I hit the mother load or berries and while I was picking them and bending down in the bush, I felt my shorts start to slide down in back. Before I could get a free hand to tug them up, they slid all the way down around my ankles! Here I was, totally exposed in the berry patch in my thick wet diapers with my shorts down around my ankles! Fortunatly, no one was around but I learned the lesson to wear tighter shorts with a belt!
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    Giggles but little ones pants are alway's slipping down .
    Thats why mommy has to pull them up all the time.
    Plastic to slick lol.
    Cloth backed not so bad.

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    I leak a lot at work. I found some outfits you can hardly tell there is a wet spot. I have fake spandex jeans and water rolls off them even if it is coming from a wet diaper inside. If it leaks on the crotch while standing up it only wets socks if my pants are loose so nobody knows but me. A towel soaks up wetting quick with minimal discoloration. Well, good thing I work from home so I can experiment with what not to do on the job away from home. Speaking of my job, I got a raise to 25k this week. PM me if interested in staying home in diapers all day and I might be able to hook you up. More money to buy better diapers for wearing in public! More money to donate to a favorite cause.

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    I had an incident,some time back,my wife and I went to the theatre to catch a movie,the movie was like 4 hours wife insisted I get diapered too I wore what I thought to be thick enough cloth diapers and plastic pants.long story short,when the movie ended my diapers was soaked an had leaked thru my pants and the padded movie seat. hope no one sat there after

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