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    So, for those of you who wear boxers when you aren't wearing a diaper, what brand do you prefer? I used to like the ones from Old Navy, but the more recent ones I have gotten from them I haven't liked the cut of them. They seem to ride up my legs more.

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    I'm scared that your asking me what kind of boxer's I wear O_o

    Oh! And for the record, I wear Boxer Briefs! HA! XP
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    I hate boxers. I usually wear boxer briefs or briefs. Boxers ride up your arse and cut my balls in half and don't give any support when running, cycling etc.

    Wearing briefs also gives a 'little' factor.

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    Ugh, Hanes have that nasty tighty-whitey waistband that they call comfort that itches your waist. Fruit of the Looms for me.

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    I don't know my brand, their plad mens underwear though and the waste band is the same color and the rest of it. I do think that I would rather wear briefs of boxer briefs mainly for the little and comfort factor like KiwiBoi

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    I'm with kiwiboi. Boxer briefs or briefs. I actually prefer compression shorts the best, but categorize those as boxer briefs. I would wear briefs more often if I could get some cool childish designs on them. I have a few, but not many. So for Adult purposes I stick to compression shorts and regular boxer briefs. No preference on brand, though I think I usually get Hanes.

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    There are brands of boxer shorts...?! Huh. I just get ones that look like decent quality, pure cotton, and my size.

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    I tried boxers once and hated them. All that extra fabric is annoying. I go with cotton briefs when I'm undiapered

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