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Thread: Almost busted...

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    Default Almost busted...

    For some reason I am having a mind flurry tonight....

    So it was a while ago and I don't remember the occasion for the following day but my Mrs friend stayed over on our sofa bed.....

    All was fine and we decided to get to sleep so I changed into a goodnight/drynight and my very comfy onsie from primark lol (more discreet or so I thought) and got into bed...

    I heard a quite call out for my name so went in to see what was going on and she said the tv wasn't working ....

    I had to bend over the TV cabinet and didn't even think about my nappy until I heard it!! It carried on rustling but I don't think she payed any attention!!


    She's very out spoken so wouldn't have hesitated poking me or asking me lol


    Any one else nearly caught?

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    If it helps, wear underwear over your nappy to decrease the crinkle sounds...has helped somewhat little and you can't see the plastic waist sticking up. At least you weren't caught because you would have had a long explanation but eventually she is going to know. She might have noticed but she is waiting for you to explain but I wouldn't ask her...just wait...usually if they signal you then you know your busted by the FBI police. Some women can play detective work, other's can play Good cop or bad cop but for your Mrs. Friend...err haha I dunno which one she is in this case ^^

    As for me, I have never been caught and I'm not stretching it because I might just one day but I still have a long explanation with me just in case to soothe things out between me and my mother. I have worn 14 Abena M4's and want to buy more but just can't risk anything as of right now with college starting.

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