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Thread: G/f sister saw I think...

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    Hello all!

    I've been at a wedding all day today and my girlfriend asked her sister to feed our cat.... I didn't really think about my nappies or anything shut the bedroom door as I always do and left...

    When I got back however the bedroom door was wide open but the lounge one was shut -- it's usually the other way round ---

    Any way so my girl says she fed the cat and then it hit me... I walked into the bedroom and there they were... (3 cases one one already open mind all across the top so you could see every nappy left in the pack..... ) just piled up in the comer of the room clearly visable to any one.... And there was a used but clean one just by the side of the bed!

    Basically I think I've been rumbled but my question is if you were the sister .. Would you say anything?

    I.e hiya I fed the cat but why do you have a butt load of adult sized nappies?

    Surly she wouldn't ?


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    2 times in a short time? Gotta be more careful lol

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    This is why I keep my diapers in a closet with the door closed. Well that, and if you don't, the damn ghosts come out of them.

    Most people wouldn't say anything, but I'm guessing they're going to talk. Ghosts are easier to deal with.

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    i am really not sure why it is that men don't know this, but women learn early that you boys all have your/their *kinks*....
    it should come as no surprise looking around this place (ADISC) i would think. and when girls get together, yes.... we often talk of the unique kinks of boy-friends past & present. it's not to embarrass anyone, it's too compare notes and even brag sometimes.

    and too, we all know that you boys have very sensitive egos.... and as we love you (for the most part) we would never say anything publicly or in front of someone that would hurt said *egos* on purpose. not even long after we had broken up with you and gone with someone else.... as women we have very long-lived and often fond memories of our past loves that we do our best to protect and keep in a good light....

    so the question is not;
    "would she say anything"
    rather it's;
    "would she say anything with-in ear-shot of your tender ego"

    too which i would think not.....

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