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Thread: I want to draw furries

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    Default I want to draw furries

    What are good refrence books any advice?

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    I have found this book and those it is frequently bought with as helpful otherwise their are many great tutorials if you look around on FA

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    If you search online for how to draw anthropomorphism or furries you'll find plenty of references. But if you want to start simple try just learning basic animal cartoons.

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    How to draw furries and draw more furries from Michael's stores.

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    The first time I ever drew something I just found a style I liked and used pictures of the same style as reference sheets and It came out pretty good considering I very rarely draw anything other than maps. If you want to do something more serious then you should probably listen to other guys who are much more into drawing and furry stuff than I am.

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    There is a lot of youtubes for this and a couple tutorials hidden in the nooks and the
    cranies of the internet such as . I hope this
    helps and the best of luck. When I draw babyfurs I tend to give them the super giggly
    lighthearted bright and babyish curiosity and give them simple elastic and adorable
    clothes with a slightly poofy night diaper. I hope that this assists you in your
    Drawings to come and I look forward to your work

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    YouTube is a VALUABLE resource if you wish to pursue drawing. Motivation and practice is key though, so you have to stay at it regardless of how "bad" you think your art is, just remember you are always your own worst critic. Also don't be intimidated by other peoples artwork as they too were inexperienced at first.

    As a lil word of advice, get used to drawing circles... lots of circles! They will become your best friend.

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    Hi hi chazor. I love your art.

    Yeah, YouTube and Google can do wonders.

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    I can suggest plenty of books if this is advice you're willing to take, but I strongly suggest learning how to draw humans and animals before (or at least at the same time). Furries, being a hybrid, require a knowledge of both human and animal anatomy, and there's a lot to be said for knowing the rules before you break them.

    Of course, without knowing what level of skill you're at, there are a range of basics I could recommend as well. Regardless of what you're drawing, understanding color theory, composition, form, and the various techniques of your chosen medium are invaluable and will improve any subject matter.

    (Yes, I'm old school - two degrees in both traditional fine and digital art.)

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    Draw a LOT.

    Practice realistic anatomy.
    Practice cartoon anatomy. You'll need both to draw furries.

    Likewise, practice realistic animals and cartoon animals. You need to have some realism knowledge to draw decent cartoons.

    Copy others' drawings and use how-to-draw books. This helps you try out new things that work for other artists. Make sure you READ the steps in the books, not just copy the finished drawings. Again, this is for learning new techniques that work for others. Don't just restrict yourself to one person's how-to-draw books, either... otherwise you just end up imitating one person's style, not developing your own!

    Experiment and draw your own things! Copying is a great learning tool, but you also need to build your confidence and refine your personal technique by coming up with original compositions.

    Practice, practice, practice. Carry a sketchbook. Take it out when you're bored or waiting for things instead of your phone or tablet. Use it while waiting for food at a restaurant.

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