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Thread: Is this the end of UK plastic backed nappies.

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    Default Is this the end of UK plastic backed nappies.

    Now that Attends are going cloth backed, and they were the only decent plastic backed ones I knew of left here in the UK, what plastic backed nappies are left? There are websites like Cuddlz that sell plastic ones, but unless you can afford to spend high prices constantly then shopping at AB websites for your weekly stash isn't an option.AB nappies are expensive, too expensive to wear 24/7 unless you earn a good wage, but that's not applicable to everyone.

    It seems you now can only get decent plastic ones from Europe like Save Express but they tend to be bulky brands like Abena and Comficare which aren't always practical for daily use.Attends have gone cloth backed all over Europe so even if you order from abroad your still going to end up with this cotton feel trash.So where do we go now for daily use plastic backed nappies? Which brands are left that are plastic backed?

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    Tena Slip Maxi

    US attends are junk

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    There are still a lot of plastic backed nappies around. I guess we're just thrown back a bit to the "getting a sample and then decide what you like the best" phase, kind of. Basically since the most known brands switch to cloth backed diapers. However, the new Attends is not exactly like the old type, since there is still a very thin plastic foil inbetween. That way it may feel less like a diaper and (sadly) does not crinkle at all.
    And that's the main benefit most people, who need them, want to have. And fact is that this is the major target audience.

    But! Try them please at first, they are not that bad, I promise! Since it's not exactly cloth backed, and just a bit like cotton feel at best. Multiple sources already mentioned that this new design still kinda feels like a foil. Probably due to attends unchanging quality in general, so they didn't suffer a loss of their characteristic at all, it is just... different, but not comparable to any cloth backed nappy at all.

    Anyway, some brands that are still plastic backed, or like the Abri M4, that are the way if you order them from Save Express.
    One thing to begin with, since you kind of mentioned it yourself, but didn't continue that thought. If they seem to thick you can also easily step down to the M3 or M2 from Abena. As far as I know they are plastic backed anyway... and thinner.

    Some other brands:
    Easy Slip Night - very thin, very crinkly ~ 2100ml/cc
    Tena Basic ~ a mix between the Slip Super and Plus, but without leak guards ~ 2510ml/cc
    Kolibri Comslip plus ~ nearly the same as an M4, with a different foil and rather solid absorber ~ 4000ml/cc
    Forma Care X-Plus ~ same in blue ~ 3600ml/cc
    Molicare Comfort Plus/Extra/Maxi ~ basically the same as Attends Regular M8/9/10, foil with cloth backed wings ~ 1.555 / 2500 / 3752ml/cc

    The latter are a very good Attends Regular replacement imho, a bit different, but exactly the same design. And furthermore is the Attends Active still plastic backed, if you can get used to the 1 big tape per side design.

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    Molicare are brilliant.... Purple but still plastic backed so far.... Also tena went cloth backed about 8 months ago but some places still have the plastic ones -- bought 3x30 packs just the other day :-)

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