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    I'm fairly disappointed with the tape on my Abenas. Which disposables have better tape and high absorbency? Thanks.

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    I have never had a tape issue with an Abena, what exactly is wrong with them? Diapers I know with excellent tapes and high absorbancy: Tena slip maxi, Absorbancy plus, Bambinos, Abena. I had tape issues with ConfiDry (Dry24/7) so I don't recommend them if you had issues with Abenas.

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    Abena's have awesome tapes! They have double for fit adjustments and re-snugging. Maybe you are just putting them on wrong? I know I did when I put on my first adult diaper which was an Abena M4!

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    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if I got a bad run, but they don't hold well. I've also been using these Prevail Breezers, which I assumed where lower quality, and I can refasten many times with no issue. The Abena just aren't as secure. I've got a couple Tenas that I haven't tried yet, hoping for better results.

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    For Abena Tapes if you want perfect adjustment and not having the fear of one of them just "popping" off, then use the top tapes and tape them facing down and for the bottom tapes face them up and however your squatting, bending, etc...the tapes are sure to stay on. After you tape yourself, before you start getting up and start moving, slide your finger on the tape so that it sticks nice and tight and after maybe a minute or two then do some of the things you want to do. They may slide but the small ends will stick to the plastic locking itself up.

    You won't have any worries about tapes popping off with this maneuver because I have done this maybe 14 times *Because I only had a case of 14* and they never snapped off. Of course I wear medium but size's sometimes don't even matter as long as either the diaper is a little bit on the larger side than you or you got the right adjustments for taping issues and the diaper is snug to you.

    My first time was a tragedy and I sucked diapering myself up but I referred to this and I call myself a diapering machine ^^

    This article showed me how to properly put on a diaper and it had an Abena M4 as an example so it was 100% perfect for me

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    on the cheaper diapers i buy 1/2 inch stretch fabric for 2 bucks wrap around waist five times and tuck works great

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    They're the cloth backed that I have at the moment.

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