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Thread: Bambinos are back!

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    Default Bambinos are back!

    Bellissimos & teddies are back in stock in med. & lrg. sizes

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    Finally able to place an order! Purchased the med./lrg. sample of Bellissimos and a 2 pack sample of the Teddies. It's been one year since I last tried Bambino diapers, hope they don't disappoint! Last time the large Bellissimo fit the best but I have lost weight since then, so we shall see.

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    Congratulations on the weight loss, I got the e-mail alert earlier saying they're back in stock.
    If you haven't tried bambino in so long then you're in for a treat, I bought a pack after the long drought and they feel fantastic. I even got to wet one for the first time, it was so exciting.

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    Yes! I can finally order some. Does anybody know any coupons for bambinos?

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    They hardly ever have coupons or sales on Bambinos. I get notifications sent to my email when they are back in stock or if a brand is on sale. Usually around a holiday they will have a sale but my advise is BUY NOW before they are out of stock again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomviper000 View Post
    Yes! I can finally order some. Does anybody know any coupons for bambinos?
    They very seldom have coupons, they usually have a coupon for Black Friday for 10 percent off.

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    I just ordered some Bellissimo diapers in large. I do not wear plastic backed diapers often so they will last me a while and I decided to stop shopping at ABU.

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    I just got my Bellissimo diapers today. I am excited to see what everyone has been raving about. I bought two 8 packs as I do not wear plastic backed diapers often.

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    I ordered my sample packs on Saturday & they arrived today! Just got done measuring: a medium Teddy, medium Bellissimo and large Bellissimo. Wow what a difference since last year! The medium Bellissimo and Teddy are now the same size and seem bigger (sized like a normal medium). The large Bellissimo is huge, last time it fit me the best but now it looks too big! Can't wait to try one on, need alone time from the family first, then I will put one to the test!

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    I'm waiting for them to restock on amazon to buy another pack.

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